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  1. You should not feel limited to using a certain program for making a digital comic. In fact, it does not have to be digital at all. I used to make my comics traditionally, on sketchbooks, and I still do sometimes. There are pros and cons of making traditional and digital comic, but if you are inclined to using digital medium for making comics, there are certainly many tools available, not just the ones that are labeled "comic making program". Just to let you know, I am a window user, but I use Photoshop [not free. Win/Mac] to draw, but I also use Sai Paint Tool [not free, and for windows only], Gimp [free. Win/Mac], and MS paint [free, windows only, but I am sure Mac has a built-in art tool]. ArtRage [not free. Win/Mac] is also neat; it's a digital program that produces convincingly traditional-looking artworks. These programs are, in my opinion, adequate for drawing comics, though each program might be more apt producing certain art style. There are also free online tools, namely these things called "Oekaki", have you heard of them? I am pretty sure they will also run in Mac. These are free, but their functionality can match that of Photoshop depending on how you work, so there are many comic artists that uses these! But in order to use these, you need to find someone who is hosting them. If you google "paint BBS" "Chibi Paint" you may be able to find a website that is hosting them. I personally suggest "Chibi Paint" by the way. p: I hope this helps, Armagiddeon
  2. Thanks Gridsleep and Conrad. (: I have finished the drawing, hope you enjoy! Hmm, it looks like a thread will only bump itself up if there is a new post under the thread, not if the original thread is edited. Does that mean, if I want to update with a new drawing, I should just post it down here? But that sounds disorganized. Well, I will figure something out.
  3. I am glad someone could enjoy my style. Thanks a lot!
  4. I actually have not played any of the games other than Psychonauts haha, so it's difficult for me to judge properly. I obsessively look for strategy and puzzle games rather than adventure games, so perhaps that's why I am yet to get my hands on any of the other games but "Grim Fandango" certainly sparked my interest when I first found out about it. But yes, Psychonauts is certainly an excellent game. I really appreciated the vast amount of things you can explore there, not just in the environment but with the characters as well. You can spent hours and hours finding just more and more details. Through Psychonauts, I think I was finally able to understand the true charm of the adventure games.
  5. Hello, I am new here. I am also pretty new to using a "forum"...This is the second forum I will be joining IN MY LIFE, not that I am a 100-year-old. So pardon me if I don't seems to use the forum functions aptly. I doodle more frequently during midnight, or after midnight, hence the title of the thread...But I actually have very low motivational drive. Fortunately, playing a very inspirational game like Psychonauts really helps! I have already made several doodles of the characters in the game, and I think I will share them, uh, if I can overcome my anxiety of posting things to public. This one, it's only in a sketch stage, and I may or may not finish it. I will certainly post the completed version here IF IT HAPPENS. Click on it to see a bigger version. [07.11.10] Done!
  6. I also played it once to get through the story, and played it again to explore the world and characters. I had no idea they put so much detail into each of the characters; I had a lot of fun interacting with them and listening to their amusing reactions in various situations. I got the game pretty recently so I am not too sure how many more times I will play this game, but I typically do not play the same game more than 3 times unless the game is built to have very high re-playability.
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