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  1. Fix for juddering framerate

    Way back in the beta I noticed that running Chrome in the background made the game produce a smooth 60fps. It turns out that the flash part of Chrome was increasing the Windows Timer Resolution and fixing the horrible frame pacing of this game. Nowadays Chrome doesn't behave this way but you can use this tool to drop the timer refresh rate and have magically smooth framerates in Broken Age.
  2. Vsync issues, solved by having Chrome open

    Ah sorry, I initially suspected Forceware and later discovered the Chrome connection, corrected.
  3. Vsync issues, solved by having Chrome open

    Ok, things just got weird. I opened the game and noticed framerates were perfectly smooth again, I went back to nvidia config and disabled the forced vsync, went back to the game, still smooth...eventually after some testing I've found that having Chrome open causes the framerate to be perfectly smooth, I've tested it over and over for a few minutes now, without fail the game will stutter if I run it without Chrome in the background. It's crazy I know but there you have it, it seems to happen without fail, I can even alt-tab out of Broken Age and open/close Chrome and see the effect immediately.
  4. I didn't notice a blur filter either, it'd definitely help but those backdrops could still do with a resolution bump.
  5. At first I thought the stuttery framerate was a beta issue but I rolled back to Forceware 314.07 and the movement in Broken Age had become perfectly smooth, updating to the latest Forceware (332.21) caused the stutters again. Enabling forced vsync in the Nvidia control panel fixed the issue, hope this info helps someone else. *update* Ok, after a reboot the choppy scrolling is back, now I'm confused.
  6. Control system ideas

    Well it was touted as a point and clicker, mostly I want them to use a system with multiple options for interaction, I don't necessarily want the old verb system but Full Throttle and Curse of Monkey Island got it right, Telltale's one click system is a step backwards I think, more choices = more ways to fail = more options for funny dialogue.
  7. As much as I'd like Psychonauts 2 it's not what I donated for, if the Double Fine Adventure works out I think Tim will have a far easier time getting Psychonauts 2 made, one thing at a time.
  8. As a supporter of the project I was delighted to see another great developer doing some prospective bandwagon jumping, Chris Avellone was a developer on Fallout 2 and Planescape:Torment, he's asking for ideas. I hope they go for it, I put money into this for more than just a new point and click game, I want us to create a new model.
  9. That's the idea, just remember to select that option from the list when you donate.