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  1. European players gather here

    Sorry I haven't joined any of your sessions yet, King S0al. Will get a handle on Trenched over the next few days and join you soon. Have you had any successful co-op sessions with other EU types? My friends list is full but I'll hopefully free space up for more EU Trenched sorts. GT: Ignatius Cheese
  2. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I buckled and bought this through the US marketplace... Still, will be up for some co-op with you fine Trenched in EUROPE people at some point soon :-)
  3. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Don't worry Brad! We don't blame you. We blame the EU! :-) I'm happy to wait to play this. Got plenty to play in the meantime. I may even replay the trial just to amuse my bouche.
  4. TRENCHED in Europe!

    ESRB - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/search.jsp?title=trenched Australian - http://www.classification.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/d853f429dd038ae1ca25759b0003557c/89a788c2be0d5bc3ca2578500057f1ea?OpenDocument
  5. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Bloody EU... :-P
  6. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Are we entirely sure that it is a PEGI issue though? If it is a legal issue originating from the EU then it would not affect Switzerland, Norway etc. I love a bit of speculation!!
  7. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Norway is in Europe and uses PEGI rating. It may use the PEGI system and be a European country but it is not in the EU - http://europa.eu/about-eu/countries/index_en.htm
  8. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Well, Russia is hardly Europe now, is it? ;-) It is also available on the Norwegian Marketplace so non-EU countries basically.
  9. TRENCHED in Europe!

    What problems are currently being encountered? I'm too gripped to this thread to look anywhere else :-)
  10. TRENCHED in Europe!

    In this situation, no news is bad news... ;_;
  11. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Double Fine, your silence is deafening me! Please stop explaining things so concisely through silence
  12. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Ah, so everyone's out jogging in the Bay area and getting lattes on the way to the office. Makes sense I guess.
  13. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Sleeping? At a time like this!!? I'd expect them to be in crisis talks like the President in some underground bunker this very minute!!
  14. Costume Quest swag - where it be? Suggestions, ho!

    Any sign of some Costume Quest merch hitting Ye Olde Store soon, Tash...? Would pay fine dollar for a set of Creepy Treat cards so go with my Costume Quest stickers. Some little figurines of the main crew in costumes that could somehow be removed would also be very, very cool.
  15. TRENCHED in Europe!

    See, this is when you want one of the DF admins to pop up with a statement about Tim's affiliation to some Neo-Nazi party. That would silence the critics... with mustard gas*! *this post may not be historically correct