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  1. I dig the Charcoal Grey. Just gotta make the text and logo lighter for higher contrast.
  2. The Podcast is excellent, more would be great. I have a question for the mailbag, Back when Brutal Legend came out there was talks about an art book coming out. I even saw it on Amazon and pre ordered it however it looks like its not gonna come out. What ever happened to that? You should release a Brutal Legend art book.
  3. Ormagoden Belt Buckle, Brutal Legend Art book. If you want, I will get on my knees and beg.
  4. Yeah the loser brackets are not going very well. I have tried to add my new oppenent but I dont seem to be getting a response.
  5. Oh man, I got a woopin. ShatteredIce hit me with a strategy I hadn't seen before and beat me.
  6. I did indeed win. HungryFreak is a cool guy, you should play with him if you get the chance. Good game man.
  7. HungryFreak and I are working on it. We are both busy individuals which is making scheduling tricky. So you can put the giant font away and relax, the results of the match will be posted as soon as it the match happens.
  8. http://kotaku.com/5422410/second-brutal-legend-dlc-pack-comes-with-a-beard
  9. I havn't heard from Sethbeastalan. What should I do?
  10. I sent Sethbeastalan a message on Xbox Live.
  11. Its not really a cop out, I want to be a completist for Brutal Legend because I love the game. The actual score means nothing to me, I don't need a good gamescore to feel good about myself. On a side note, thanks for the tips guys. Now if only my buddies didn't own it for the ps3.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys, I wonder if I am doing something wrong though. I tried out what you guys are doing and the cpu never seems to make gravediggers. Its always frightwigs or something. Its driving me nuts.
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