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  1. Use Clairvoyance on the masked wrestlers in Black Velvetopia when fighting them. Tiger will see you as a sickly Antelope. Dragon will see you as a knight in armor. Eagle will see you as a worm. Cobra will see you as a teenage Edgar.
  2. The only part that I found that approached the Teen line was when you go fight Eagle in Edgar's mind. When you have subtitles on this what you see Raz say (and mouth): "That's it? Ka'kaw? That's s-" *Eagle punches him* "Ka'kaw." I'm guessing Raz was going to say shit, but Eagle wanted to be PG and interrupted, which makes this a rather amusing joke.
  3. that was like the first connection i made it was kind of funny imagining them getting chased around by those little bug-eyed censors Funnier if you rewatch it with the Censor sounds I only kinda liked the movie b/c I saw it as an off brand Psychonauts. My problem though is they are selling the concept of people are able to invade your dreams and steal secrets, even worse so by doing it so seriously and straight faced. "A dream within a dream, how droll and ordinary. Three layers? THAT'S THE CRAZIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!" You need a skeptic for the audience to connect with, otherwise you're just forcing the plot down our throats. Not to mention the 'dreams' come off as ordinary semi altered versions of the world we know. Has anyone ever had a dream that seemed ordinary? No, I'm sure most of us had dreams weirder than any level in Psychonauts. And I know, they use 'Architects' to make a dream world seem real so as not to arouse suspicion, but Leo mentioned it's when you wake up when you realize you're dreaming. It could have been better....
  4. Personally I don't think the game needs an exploring phase at the end. A lot of games have that and that kinda ruins the game for me. It's like "Congrats! You saved the world from evil! Now go back to your boring life with no other purpose other than walking around." Oh and other games that let you putz around: GTA, GUN, and Jaws Unleashed. Games are more satisfying when they end, otherwise you either get bored with the game or stay glued to it and never seen the sun again.
  5. It's all down to marketing. Tim needs a team that uses today's advertising without overdoing it. I think the only ads I ever saw for the first game was maybe a trailer within another game and maybe one tv commercial. Use the same technique Sucker Punch did with Sly Cooper, more tv commercials, maybe exclusive Youtube trailers. As for ad content, kids today are a bit different, mostly spoiled with there top of the line game system being their first game system so there is some doubt they would play the first game to understand why there's a sequel. There's also the comparison to games already out, while Psychonauts is pretty much the most original game out there, it might have to deal with a following of Halo or Modern Warfare player, not to mention Shadow of the Collossus players (who will jump into orbit the moment the PS3 HD version comes out). ...Maybe there could be some way they could borrow Mario or Sonic's image, to get the attention of certain players, then sequence to a Psychonaut trailer.
  6. I'm not sure there could or should be anymore campers, they pretty much have every kind of character a kid like Raz would meet. The Bully, The Bully's Sidekick, The Freak, The Runt, The Foreigner, The Band, The Twins, The Cheer Squad, The Nerd, The Pampered Girl, The Girl Next Door, The Nice Guy, The Annoying One, The "Ladies Man", The Afro Kid, and The Cowboy. Lilly I guess would be The Senior and Raz The Outcast.
  7. Psychonauts, Double Fine Games in general, aren't meant to be played quickly. There's alot of extra fun stuff in the games for those who take their time and explore. It breaks up the linear gameplay with the multiple plots and characters.
  8. Thanks. Yes the duster was a tad annoying. But in the end it helped with some of the pacing when you go back into Oleander's mind and see his REAL memories.
  9. Mostly it was the figment collection, that kinda bugged me. Especially in a bright level like Mila's Dance Party or the Milkman. The constant fade in and fade out, not to mention that some even move around. But in a way it was a minor annoyance because collecting them wasn't really essential unless you wanted to level up to 100 and get the secret end clip. Not to mention item collecting isn't suppose to be too easy, they have to get you to play again and again. Any other issues I have are probably because I played the hell out of the game and the inevitable wear and tear caused a few glitches and the unfortunate accidental breaking the disc in half. Should be getting a new copy today or tomorrow ^^
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