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  1. I only activated Kiln so far, also not showing in the library, but it's showing in activated licenses list.
  2. Some people are backing out already. I noticed two days ago that the raised value fell for 3k when I refreshed the page. I think it was 3573k and then it was 3570k. Most likely people who thought this won't get funded and signed up for the laughs.
  3. Wow, that's a fast turnaround. Just make sure that all the claims in the video are backed up on-screen by sources and if you want a second pair of eyes on the script/fact checking side of things, I tend to have had a close eye on this stuff over the years I think also we shouldn't sugar coat anything. Let's acknowledge the failures where they exist, talk about the areas where there is room for doubt while dispelling the most commonly spread lies. ... Great idea that nothing should be sugarcoated. Admit to failures. When it comes to Spacebase, lack of communication should be mentioned. Broken age was overscoped yes, but they never asked backers for extra money etc. And definitely link all the sources and quotes. Screenshost from the private DFA forums would be nice. Are they still locked for other people? Also get ready for downvotes of the video and troll comments etc.
  4. I think you should actually do the video. It's great having fans do some of the defending for you, but you can't keep relying on that. Make the video and post it as a reply, because people only watch that video and there's a bigger chance that they will click on your video as well. Plus, the people will be able to link to your video, when the haters will post the other video on forums. The upcoming AMA will have questions about P2, Fig, Broken Age, management, Massive Chalice, Spacebase. All of it. I don't think ignoring them is the right step. Trolls and actual haters are on a mission and they get fueled by every newcomer asking "What is going on". Hell, check the Broken Age reviews, sure the positive counter is high, but highest rated reviews are negative one, because they are on a mission. It's sad but it is what it is. My review of Broken Age started with one like, then I got a dislike, two days ago I checked it had 8/10 people found this review helpful. Today it has 8/17 find it helpful. Maybe it's a shitty review, but looking at other reviews it seems they are doing this on purpose. AMA is not only an opportunity for Fig and P2, because most question will be about past stuff. I think you should answer as honestly as possible, with as little PR talk as possible. That is the only way. This AMA will be reported in news and these replies will spread. You cannot contain it, you cannot put out the fire. You can just attack them head on. Use this opportunity, seriously. Don't care if the answers already exist out there. Youtubers make videos with 100k+ views and when they get a detail wrong, that spreads quickly and becomes fact. You need to put actual facts out there! You cannot rely on you fanbase for this, we are not the voice of the company. Your videos will get hateful comment, trolls will come in get upvoted, but it's a start. I am noticing that ignoring the trolls and the haters does not work anymore in this day and age. Internet is too big So, get out there and make it so
  5. oops. It's working now I wasnt really paying attention, I just clicked on Amnesia Fortnight bundle. Kind of did not register the "bundle" word. Sorry for all the trouble. It's working now. Thanks!
  6. I believe this should work: 1. Go to the URL on the card 2. Select the Amnesia Fortnight Bundle in the product slideshow 3. Click 'Purchase Now' 4. In the right-hand sidebar, click Use Code 5. Fill out whatever other information the form requires and click Buy. I'm a bit late trying out the card, but well.... it doesn't work for me. It simply says "Sorry, the coupon you have entered is not valid.".... checked the code several times, no typo on my side. Is it the same content as the DVDs? If so it's no loss... otherwise: I'd really like to have my copy. Same problem here. Not a valid coupon.
  7. Oh, you made the original pitch video private I wanted to watch it again.
  8. I figured it out I had to pause for a second to find the solution. hahahaa ..... no? sheesh, tough crowd thx
  9. thanks it just seemed weird ok, back to thinking
  10. SPOILERS for VELLA (highlight) I figured out I have to use the trash to jettison the bomb, but I cant open it. Then I remembered, that I dropped some food in the kitchen and a robot cleaned it up and took it to the trash and opened it. So I tried replicating this scenario, but no more food drops from the box, so there is no robot to go open the trash!?! So, stuck or bug?
  11. Well, here you go http://store.steampowered.com/app/320820
  12. No. I mean on March 29th, as stated at the end of the episode, their sales were 70k-ish units sold and over 1.1million in profits. That's good, for sure, but you have to consider the capital they sunk into the game (probably at least as much as the backers put into it, so two to three million of their own capital), then Broken Age hasn't yet made up its costs. It doesn't have to, yet, because it is a game that will sell for awhile and will get a boost when part 2 is finished. Double Fine isn't hurting, but it has a ways to go to get a return on their investment. Also, doing the math, it seems like I made a mistake. I misremembered the number (thought it was 74-ishk as of March 29th) and the price (I was thinking 29.99 instead of 24.99). So, my numbers were actually over-estimating the figures. Also, it looks like Steam takes about 9-10%, at least. 70,947 units times $24.99 is ~$1,772,965.53, the episode lists the total gross as $1,674,082. That means Steam and/or other fees have eaten ~$98,883.53 from the gross. I would imagine that Broken Age, at the moment, was a net loss for the company, in terms of capital, but a net gain in terms of revenue. Although, they will need to do more traditional games to stay a float. I actually missed that As soon as the credits went up, I started browsing so I didnt see the information about the units sold and revenue.
  13. @sschwartz22 those were the results for the the first couple of hours. a week later they were at 800k . decent but not enough to stop pitching games to publishers.df is a biiig studio
  14. Great documentary Loved it. I hope it's selling like cupcakes Good luck and I cant wait for act 2. And another adventure in the land of the dead Must have that hope after 16 years
  15. Noticed another bug. After finding 10 serpent statues, the game does not tell you what you got, and it doesnt show you the next countdown for an upgrade until a reload or a cutscene. On another note, is there an in-game map of all serpents? I only found about 26 so far, but I if I find 110 and have to search the land inch by inch for the remaining 10, I'll go crazy!!!!! Please, tell me there is an in-game map? Something you can buy at a motor forge, later in the game? Same question for the other relics
  16. Great, I never finished the game on PS3, but I bought it again Oh well, I have 2 copies now Anyway, the bugs I noticed at the beginning of the game: - When the instruction window comes up for Earthshaker, the buttons didnt show, it was just blank. - the first boss fight - when it scream, there is no sound of it. I actually remember the same bug from the PS3 version. I mean, really ?? - the map didnt show, had to manually go to the menu. The screen just froze, like somebody before me mentioned - I noticed some graphical glitches, but nothing major. and there is no jumb button .... it still annoys me Well, I only played for 30 minutes Maybe more bugs during the weekend, when I'll have more time to play
  17. JediEagle

    Fan Art!!!!

    Bummer, not for me I guess, but I aint that interested in the last two games anyway. Not really a fan of Sesame Street and multi-player games (i believe Trenched will be more focused on mp). I hope the next game is at least coming to both consoles if not the pc.
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