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  1. I want more Costume Quest

    I would just like to thank everybody at Double Fine. I usually don't ever make a comment on companies official message boards, but I really loved Costume Quest. I just wanted somebody involved at the company to know that their work is appreciated. I loved the story. It was funny, which is a staple of Double Fine games, but it was also very touching as well. I think back to the old Halloween specials of my youth, which played on many emotions (laughter, fear, whimsy, familial responsibility, etc.). I picked this game up during the PSN sale. After I finished the game, I felt a little bad that I didn't pick it up full price, so I downloaded the DLC and was immediately happy because I had two more hours of Costume Quest. The main reason for this whole love fest is to plead with you to try to find a willing publisher to make some more DLC for this game. I would seriously buy a new Costume Quest every Halloween with a few DLC pack throughout the year (St. Patricks Day or Day of the Dead would be amazing!). Love always, (Well, to be honest I didn't really like the strategy parts of Brutal Legend. But, other than that, always.) Paul
  2. I want more Costume Quest

    That's what I'm saying. Synergy yo!