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  1. This is like listening to a parent that won't let their child go off to college.
  2. I was hoping it would be 30 minutes long and outline the entire plot of the game. And what's with the lack of nudity?
  3. This game is made by total hotties!
  4. 'Member how I was the first one to post on this forum and it was this topic? Those were the good ol' days. I'm lonely.
  5. Can you draw me too? Without pants though.
  6. If you are serious about the Mary Kate and Ashley games I am going to have to maim you. "You got it deewwd!" 'member how the Olsen twins said that when they were on Full House?
  7. Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 4, Perfect Dark, Mario 3, Big Brain for DS, Goldeneye, Super Mario World, and Mary Kate and Ashley Games.
  8. Oh, well don't you just know everything.
  9. So when does this forum start turning into a case of Lord of the Flies?
  10. Wooooah. Look at all the posts. Someone's ego is getting stroked.
  11. I sure do. I'm gonna enable smileys with this post.
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