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  1. Tim's keynote

    Double Fine host a video of the Key Note please .
  2. A promise

  3. A promise

    Ordering a signed copy seems to remove the whole enjoyment from stalking to be fair. Where is the rope, the masks and the heavy breathing?
  4. So it's not "Brutal Legend"?

    I must admit I am not the biggest Star Wars fan :lol:, they attempted Monkey Island without the Monkey Island team, this lead to the rage you see today :vampire:
  5. This guy at EB said...

    What to believe when the internet lies to you! :gulp:
  6. So it's not "Brutal Legend"?

    We will not get Psychonauts 2 because that would be a bad idea. We will not get any other classic game sequel as Lucas Arts are twats. We will not get Brutal Legend because that is the most horrific title I have heard. We WILL get something though, rest assured, eventually, somewhere.
  7. I believe the mystery game will contain...

    I believe the mystery game will contain… NUTS!. Nuts bring me out in a rash :blank:
  8. This guy at EB said...

    I think totally_not_a_fake_person may actualy be... FAKE! :gulp:
  9. An inside tip

    COUNT ME IN! - Can you say CO-OP!? Can I be the Ass? (or is it all too late)
  10. The Real Deal - Monkey Shooter

    Banana Bazoooooka, Coconut Cluster, Pirate Pistola, Shiver Me Timbers Shotgun, Walk The Plank You Scurvey Seadog Plank-Bat.... The list goes on! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES
  11. Did she try to take your "never ending can store a piano in them" Monkey Island pants? :shut: I know exactly how you feel...
  12. The Doodles: Aftermath

    Nightmare on Boyd Street is pretty fantastic to be fair.
  13. The Best Fan Art Ever - Guaranteed!

    Thank god you pointed out the "(eyes)" in the second image. I sat for a good 45 Minutes wondering what the hell those were! Good job SloppyJimbo .
  14. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Hulking Godless Child-Beast for president!
  15. I draw stuff (characters)

    Some fantastic work Donk, I would say I like Boss Fight best!