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  1. Brutal Legend 2 MUST BE MADE!!!

    Ha ha yeah... that's probably how that would turn out. I know some people are not very fond of the stage battles, but i loved watching the time lapse stage build and knowing that I was about to either get my ass totally kicked or gonna walk over some people.. Brütal legend was an awesome Twist on the RTS, but it was also really cool that you got to do some dungeoning. I know that i would pre-order it as soon as it was announced as would a few of my friends. I loved it.
  2. I want more Costume Quest

    I got costume quest a couple weeks and was so sad that i beat in about six hours. Nothing against the game at all, though. Just enjoyed it so much that I flew through it. It is my absolute favorite game on Arcade. I picked it up after I started Brütal Legend, (saw the double fine logo and had to jump right on it) I would also snatch up any new DLC that you guys could put up. Keep up the awesome work.