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  1. What fascinating information, fellow forum user! Have you seen the leaked screenshots?
  2. Actually, Chief I think the video implies the opposite of verb coins. When the verbs pop up Tim says, "Oh, I hate these things."
  3. Wow! I wasn't here when this game was announced. I'm surprised by the reactions everyone had. Epic, why'd you think threatening Tim would help? He just got through explaining that they don't even have the money for Psychonauts 2. I'm not saying we have to like everything DF puts out, but this reaction is ridiculous. This game looks kickass, and I will totally get it when I get a Kinect. That is all.
  4. Whenever SNL does the What Up Wit That? sketch, I always feel bad for Jason Sudeikis. He has to keep dancing like that the whole sketch!
  5. You might want to check this link. In the middle of loading it sent me to another story about a mass grave or something. Yeah, it has a problem with Firefox. The link is fine. I'm on Chrome and it's still doing it.
  6. Yeah, epic, it's kind of creepy that you talk about people that you've never had any contact with like you know them.
  7. The game is being funded by Kickstarter. I'm pretty sure the Kickstarter Adventure is a working title. Anyway, all you need to know is that the money is going toward the game and the documentary about the game. Nothing else.
  8. In order to save the future from the past, confusion must be spread between this and hot's new thread. The future has spoken.
  9. What are you not clear on exactly? And how the hell would you get $200? You're 14!
  10. I don't mind the ads, unless my connection is slow. The my computer freezes up on the ads. Which is horrible when it's an ad for Fred: The Show.
  11. I was half-expecting his dad to come in and tell him to shut the fuck up. Her name was Truth. She only posted 19 times, and just never came back. You see. This is why we keep calling you a stalker.
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