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  1. We need an update about this. Both Batman games are now free from GFWL as well as Bioshock 2. This needs to continue.
  2. I absolutely must know this as well, judging from what I have heard there's a high chance they can remove gfwl. Rumors say lots of other devs are doing it.
  3. ah nice already seeing some annoying stuff fixed already, such as the low quality sounds and the worm not making its scream sound. shadows and face animations still a slight issue but I'm glad progress is fast. Is there an area we can post issues for them to see?
  4. I'm very happy brutal legend came to pc but in the state it's in most places I've been to have people already giving up on it. This isn't gonna be it is it? are you developers committed to ironing out all these bugs? I don't want to give up yet. Some games have been released with lots of bugs and then the developer just leaves it but i don't think this is the same situation. double fine is one of my most trusted developers and I believe in you, that's why I bought brutal legend without a second thought. Should I be worried?
  5. I've seen some rather large issues so far the sound effects sound very low quality there's this odd animation issue going on with faces I've noticed, lips and eyebrows shake and jitter during speech. certain shadows keep disappearing when you walk closer to them (my fov is turned all the way up this might matter) the worm creature scream sound didn't happen when it first screams at Eddie when Ophelia gives Eddie the map nothing happened until i pressed m everything just froze
  6. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    Did they manage to re-license it all for the port, or are there some songs missing? Gosh darn it now I must know this.
  7. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    Yes - I just confirmed this exclusively for you. Actually, I was going to the bathroom and our QA Manager was walking in so maybe more coincidental than anything but I did ask because you posted. The DLC guitars are in the game but only the solo play, not the multi-player beta. So I guess that means once the whole game is unlocked that you'll have them. Maybe someone else can elaborate on how and why they aren't available in the multi but I'm just the IT Manager and really can only describe the inner workings of servers so I'm not the best person to ask. Hope that helps! Yes this helps a lot I am now very happy, thank you.
  8. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    lol why isn't anyone confirming without a doubt the dlc guitars will be in? My ocd cant take it anymore.
  9. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    Even though tim schafer stated all dlc included I must hear very specific words before I can relax my excitement. what a day. brutal legend on pc, systemshock 2 finally coming to gog.
  10. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    Sweet! One question about a certain DLC though...Does this include the Love Giver preorder guitar? Or is that no longer a thing? I have it on my PS3 version and I would love to have it on the PC version as well. Same question as well about the Tenacious D guitar that was a Target exclusive. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111126215158/brutallegend/images/8/8d/Tenacious_D_Guitar.jpg Oh man I never even knew this guitar existed, I need to know if it'll all be included.
  11. pixel

    Hey Tim!

    I'm incredibly happy about brutal legend coming to pc, but I also have to ask will the love giver be included? please say yes.
  12. pixel

    To the PC!

    I dislike GFWL but maybe we can get the best of a bad situation. Can xbox players play with PC players? or can this be done?
  13. Ha that was really nice, good to see even in a dev video it still has good old double fine humor.
  14. ive supported wasteland 2 and soon the dead linger, maybe jane jensen too
  15. It makes me happy that I made Tim Schafer happy to make games to make me happy. happy happy happy
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