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  1. How about a level set in a Southern Drink-house filled with old Blues musicians?
  2. Costume Quest swag - where it be? Suggestions, ho!

    I would love a figurine of the Lincoln kids from the patriotic party crew, its one of my favorite parts in the game. Manifest Destiny!
  3. Ron Gilbert’s secret project [new details]

    Still nothing? Well fair is fair, we have Trenched now (well most of us) EU. The only stuffing in the pipe now is "Once Upon A Monster" for Kinect, and this alleged Gilbert project. Can we have some deets please? Or else I'm bound to drop a beat-seas...... ... and by deets I mean details!
  4. The Gold club

    The day after I got all the achievements in Trenched my xbox received the E74 error. It was too battle torn from the trenches.... ....but with some trade-ins I can hopefully get the new xbox slim with kinect in preparation for the next DF game
  5. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Here is some more info regarding the issue: Sorry if its been posted already.
  6. Trenched Multiplayer meet-ups

    I'd be down too, gamertag: Spartan Capo My codename is SmokeMonster
  7. Costume Quest's new DLC coming soon "Grubbins On Ice"!!!

    So when is the release date?
  8. Bought a poster, never got it

    I 'm not mad about this because Double Fine can have unlimited flexibility with me, I just hope it gets here late instead of never.
  9. Bought a poster, never got it

    I, too, still haven't gotten mine. And I'm leaving for school in a few days, sucks. I was hoping to wear my double fine pride on the wall of my dorm, but alas. My exact situation!
  10. Bought a poster, never got it

    I have the same issue too I ordered a poster (signed) and comic book collection package. I must have ordered it about a month ago.
  11. Achievements!

    Also if I change the difficulty to Brutal for only the last level do I get the Legend acheivment or do I have to do the whole game
  12. Achievements!

    hey everyone, is anyone willing to help me out and get some achievements on xboxlive. I know its cheap but, I really like the game and I don't want it to become mind numbingly tedious. My gt is Spartan Capo. I was a Halo fan but now I'm a Tim fan, P-Nauts brought me into the light.
  13. I'm new, I'm good tho.