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  1. How about a level set in a Southern Drink-house filled with old Blues musicians?
  2. I would love a figurine of the Lincoln kids from the patriotic party crew, its one of my favorite parts in the game. Manifest Destiny!
  3. Still nothing? Well fair is fair, we have Trenched now (well most of us) EU. The only stuffing in the pipe now is "Once Upon A Monster" for Kinect, and this alleged Gilbert project. Can we have some deets please? Or else I'm bound to drop a beat-seas...... ... and by deets I mean details!
  4. The day after I got all the achievements in Trenched my xbox received the E74 error. It was too battle torn from the trenches.... ....but with some trade-ins I can hopefully get the new xbox slim with kinect in preparation for the next DF game
  5. Here is some more info regarding the issue: http://kotaku.com/5817166/an-obscure-board-game-stands-between-european-gamers-and-double-fines-trenched Sorry if its been posted already.
  6. I'd be down too, gamertag: Spartan Capo My codename is SmokeMonster
  7. I 'm not mad about this because Double Fine can have unlimited flexibility with me, I just hope it gets here late instead of never.
  8. I, too, still haven't gotten mine. And I'm leaving for school in a few days, so...it sucks. I was hoping to wear my double fine pride on the wall of my dorm, but alas. My exact situation!
  9. I have the same issue too I ordered a poster (signed) and comic book collection package. I must have ordered it about a month ago.
  10. Also if I change the difficulty to Brutal for only the last level do I get the Legend acheivment or do I have to do the whole game
  11. hey everyone, is anyone willing to help me out and get some achievements on xboxlive. I know its cheap but, I really like the game and I don't want it to become mind numbingly tedious. My gt is Spartan Capo. I was a Halo fan but now I'm a Tim fan, P-Nauts brought me into the light.
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