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  1. Just spent 3 hours on the last battle (The auto save in the first image was of the beginning of the final mission, while "BuembaBattle 2" is the save I just made before coming here to post). I don't know how many waves I fought yet, but it's been way more than 10 for sure. As you can see in the second image the map is covered with more dead enemies than a Dynasty Warriors game. I sometimes get new waves back to back, clear most of the board, walk to some corner and immediately run into 9 or 10 enemies bunched up in the shadows. Not that I blame them for hiding since my Hunters are doing over 600% bonus damage from their final skill and can one shot anything. As the final image shows I also ran into a bug where the game's still giving a corpse some of the attributes of a living enemy (I can target it, but my attacks whiff, and the game doesn't let me activate stealth while inside its view range). Either that or some enemies are so desperate they're resorting to feigning death to escape the wrath of my party.
  2. Now for something that would be even lower at the bottom of the priority list, but it's still a minor annoyance: Would be nice if hitting the "take screenshot" key didn't disable the gamepad. Sometimes while driving around I get a beautiful vista, hit F12 and the Deuce stops dead on its tracks until I press the gas button again.
  3. I'm not 100% positive, but do the metallic surfaces and objects in the PC version not look as shiny and chrome-y as they did in the console versions? For instance, I seem to remember the spikes in Eddie's wristbands and Fletus' teeth gleaming brightly whenever light hit them when I played the PS3 version, but they seem duller now (I'm playing on max settings). Is my mind playing tricks on me?
  4. id: kovu_br Can't wait to put my vast Monster Hunter experience in getting knocked around and killed while trying to heal to a new game.
  5. I'd pay a pretty penny for a book collecting concept art (Ideally with commentary) from every DF game released so far. Surely there are enough people like me to fund a limited run of such tome of awesomeness?
  6. Man, Barbarian is totally broken! I bulldozed through the opposition in no time at all with his infinite Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z... combo.
  7. Socks! Why didn't I think of that? Now my plain socks look drab and wretched in comparison to how official Double Fine bright orange socks would look like.
  8. Rats, I thought we were gonna get more meaty info about the new game. A trailer would've been nice, but even a "The game is about..." Power Point slide would be enough...
  9. I'm gonna cheat and divide it into PC and consoles lists. PC: 1. Sam & Max Hit the Road 2. No One Lives Forever 3. Day of the Tentacle 4. Half-Life 5. Dreamfall Consoles: 1. Guardian Heroes 2. Zelda II: Adventures of Link 3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 4. SSX3 5. Shooting Gallery
  10. Geometry Wars. Play it. Love it. Indigo Prophecy and the Prince of Persia trilogy also work better with gamepads.
  11. My favorite thing about the game? Mmm... Probably the art style. While the whole game was great this is what sets it apart from the pack in my opinion. And obviously The Neighborhood is my favorite level, easily.
  12. Buemba

    A promise

    They don't? If they ship to Brazil why wouldn't they ship to England?
  13. It's sad how our society seems to be moving away from classy headgear. I once went to work wearing a bowler and people gave me the weirdest looks...
  14. Only webcomics I try to check out with some regularity besides DFAC are Perry Bible Fellowship, Sam & Max (Though sadly neither of these update very often) and Daily Dinosaur Comic. Every once in a while I visit Gunnerkrigg Court, Bigger than Cheese and Wonderella as well.
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