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  1. Do you feel ripped off not having a New Game + mode?

    I don't feel ripped-off as such, but I don't consider that the value-for-money I got out of Trenched is especially spectacular, either. I paid $20 for Lost Planet 2, and I still play it regularly. Why? Because the meta-game _works_ in Lost Planet 2, and it's still fun to revisit previously cleared levels because the multiple difficulty settings ensure that your mettle will still be tested; even after you've unlocked some of the more nifty gears and abilities, and your skill as a player has increased with experience. Trenched, on the other hand, gave me about 5hrs, and very little incentive to go back and replay. Sure, I didn't get all the unlocks, but that was because I didn't find grinding away in missions that offered no challenge or excitement a particularly appealing proposition. Besides, what would I need better/rarer gear for when the game is already too easy (hence why I think the meta-game is nigh-on pointless/broken)? Don't get me wrong, I think the core gameplay of Trenched is brilliant, as is the presentation, humor, etc. but good value for money? Ehh... not for this longevity-lubber. If they were to release difficulty settings/survival mode in an update/DLC though... that would be a different story
  2. Unless you're doing your first run, the game is easy enough to do... whatever... and still succeed
  3. More Emplacment DLC

    My long lost brother??? A big part of what killed games like Borderlands, Sacred 2, Too Human, Torchlight, etc. for me was exactly this problem. The systems these game employ just ends up making loot management a chore, rather than a source of strategic deicision-making. It's a shame that in Trenched, at the moment, the sorts of decisions that come into play when choosing between different classes of emplacements (e.g: do I take the dual-role machinegun turret, or the single-role flak turret that is much more effective against aerial targets?), don't come into play when choosing within a class.
  4. Australia/NZ/Pacific players?

    My gamertag is: purgat0r1 I'll add you next time I'm on, or you can add me -- whichever comes first.
  5. RIght, and I see no point voting on DLC that DF would be unlikely to even consider implementing -- otherwise I'd be voting on the massive Trenches vs. Monos team assault mode with controllable volt droppers, carriers, huge battlefields with deformable terrain, special mono 'commander' units with unique abilities and the ability to spawn and command mono infantry units, etc. etc. But since there's very little chance that DF would do that, what's the point? It makes much more sense to vote on options drawn from a pool of realistic options, which includes things like: additional trench parts/weapons, new marines, new missions, new monos, survival mode, difficulty settings, etc. From that pool, I choose 'survival mode' -- for a squel, I'm going with the massive team vs team mode. What I *don't* want is a standard Trench vs. Trench TDM mode... which would be feasible, but also incredibly boring and uninspired.
  6. You're forgetting that the options that people are voting for are likely tempered by considerations of what is actually likely to be implemented by DF for this particular game. As others have pointed out, the game would need to be significantly re-tuned in order for PVP-type modes to work. Not that it couldn't be done, but even as paid DLC, it's a stretch... A swarm mode is much more realistic precisely because it would be essentially 'more of the same' -- thus making it (in theory) extremely easy for DF to include in the form of either an update, or DLC. It might even be easier than a 'hard' mode, which is another 'uncreative', but feasible contender. If we were voting on features to be included in a sequel, then I think that both the voting, and the proposals, would be a lot more ambitious.
  7. Then what would be your proposal?
  8. This. Another possibility would be to provide a 'hard mode' by way of a survival mode; that is, offer a surival mode variant of each map, which would be more challenging, and only available to those who had already completed the campaign version of the map in question.
  9. More Emplacment DLC

    Definitely. I'd like to see some gas-type weapon emplacements; I think they'd fit well with the WWI vibe.
  10. I don't think anyone is proposing that the base diffculty of the game be raised, but only that harder difficulty settings(s) are made available. Once you beat the game, and have unlocked a lot of good parts along the way, the replay value drops significantly because the levels provide very little in the way of challenge (particularly the early ones). Sure you CAN strip out your good gear, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of the whole unlocking system. Better to have a difficulty that challenges players who a) have good gear and well-designed mechs, and b) are reasonably skilled at the game. Players going through the game on their first run, and those who simply suck, would still be free to play on the standard difficulty to avoid 'frustration.' ';)
  11. PvP and Unlimited Survival

    Probably too difficult/expensive/time-consuming to implement in the current game, but PVP could be really cool if implemented creatively. If it was plain-old vanilla trench v. trench combat, then you can count me out... but if it was marines (defend) vs. monos (attack), I could see a lot of potential there. The main challenge would be making the monos fun to play; but that could perhaps be accomplished by alowing human players to enter the field as special 'boss'-type mono commanders, who each control a spawn point on the map, and can call in + command various types of AI-controlled monos.
  12. Thanks

    Double Fine have indeed outdone themselves. Expect some angry scowels and sublte shunning from other XBLA developers who will resent you for having raised the bar.
  13. What does the future hold for Trenched?

    Some great suggestions here, and with Trenched scoring so highly (and, I'd imagine, selling well) additional content seems likely. A PVP mode, unless it was implemented in a really half-hearted way, is probably not a realistic inclusion... but for a sequel? It's almost a must For the current game, I'd have to say that new missions are #1 on my wishlist.
  14. Check out Double Fine's new XBLA game... Trenched!!!

    Oh yeah... this takes me back to Front Mission, Ring of Red, Mechassault, etc. and the idea of mixing trench warfare and comic-book absurdity in there as well is just too delicious. Of course, there ain't a snowflake's chance in hell that this is going to appeal to the Call of Duty crowd: just look at the all-too predictable epithets they plastered all over Youtube in response to the trailer... or rather, don't, because you may get the urge to scratch your own eyes out.