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  1. Oh and TIM took a picture of ME, which was funny and weird, so I don't have copy of it. Maybe he'll post it
  2. I was lucky enough to get to PAX East this weekend and I have to say- Trenched was awesome. Probably my favorite demo at the Expo. Definitely another winner. Only down side: I now have to wait to play it again.
  3. Sure! I should have had this in the original post. I was super nervous but Tim was so cool. Speaking of cool, Trenched was great. The demo was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to the game. I loved the design of the world and love how much customization is available for your trench-mech-thing. And as always the story looks like its going to be a real winner: highly original and unlike anything I've ever seen before. The art design looks more Brutal Legend to me than the other DLC games but still with a style all its own. Oh, and I loved the idea of the cooperative aspects of the multiplayer. I'm already recruiting three friends to be my team and designing my trench in my mind for when it comes out. Plus, when you beat the demo, you light a cigar in the manliest way possible- with a gun! Just like real life!
  4. I was spotted by Tim Schafer at the Trenched booth wearing my Psychonauts shirt. He signed my badge and took a picture with me. Absolute highlight of my weekend if not my life. Thank you Tim!
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