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  1. Just got done with uncharted 4 and the lost legacy. Both really fun games. I also found this easter egg in uncharted 4 This pyrites flag is a monkey.
  2. I only have five but when my brothers and I first, we got all the gems. At that time you could not die once in a level if you wanted to get a gem. Which im both glad and sad because ppl playing this for the first time dont know the struggle of truly perfecting a level. Pulse I love how the game is just as frustrating as ever.
  3. Man I'm way behind on this fourm, thanks for keeping it alive everyone. I like this video
  4. I think a wreak it Ralph level would be great in KH3, but they wouldn't be able to talk about other games. Plus it would be great if they had some four wall breaking too.
  5. Been playing: Crash bandicoot n.sane. Almost done with the first one, just have to beat cortex. Brutal Legend. Doing a slow lets play. Also firewatch and layers of fear. I have some many games backet up on my list I need to paly and beat lol.
  6. Let's play brutal legend

    Here is part 5 and six. Sorry for the lateness but have alot of stuff going on. Let me know what you think and thanks for watching.
  7. Let's play brutal legend

    Just got part 4 up the other day, let me know what you all think and thanks for watching.
  8. Let's play brutal legend

    Here is part 3 of our lets play, let me know how I did and what i should for secondary mission.
  9. Let's play brutal legend

    Here's the second part of our lets play. Let me know what you all think.
  10. Let's play brutal legend

    Here's the first part, had some problem with the audio. Enjoy!!
  11. Let's play brutal legend

    ya definitely, had some truoble with the stream so I just posted a video of the first part on youtube.
  12. I now it is kind of sudden but my friend and I are going to try a stream a lets play of brutal legend tonight. Here's is my youtube channel it's going to be on. or here I bevel Let me know what you all think, plus I'm going to do my little nicky impression too. P.S. there might be some echoing in the video, haven't record on my pc for a while. I well post when we are about to start.
  13. My friend is really hoping that krito from sao and alucad from hellsing fight cell
  14. Been playing LOZ breath of the wild, I went to a midnight release with my friend. We where 2nd and third in line, the place ended up having 66 switchies. the also had two special edition of zelda that they got by mistake so I garbed one. One the best birthday gifts I ever gave myself.
  15. sorry I didn't get back to your tag epic