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  1. The new episode of yugioh abridged this time with more duling.
  2. Final episode of dbza, sad but they are doing season 4 with buu.
  3. Steven univers just got done watching the new arc, it was carzy
  4. This is for every thing smash, from your greatest memories of playing to who you want in the game. My favoret memories is playing my friend using fox, he was using marth. The match must have lasted for 20 minunts. most of the time we ran at each other tring to attck and ending up just going on the other side of each other. It was awesome. Who I want in smash is Crash Bandicoot. It would be awesome to see him going toe to toe with mario and sonic.
  5. No just cool trivia is all. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes. It was a fun day.
  6. It is officially my birthday, which interesting enough lands on both international women's day and the birthday of the man who made the odyssey(brown box).
  7. That episode was good. I hope they do the buu saga, I want to see gotanks. Oh and how they would do buu's voice too.
  8. wait are you riku, then who is sora and miky
  9. Check this out, Can finaly see what Riku's keyblade is looks like plus figurines too. Hype now in over load.
  10. OMG Things just got real, so hype for this now.
  11. 1 cat 2 30 to 40 3 in 4 more than my sibblings 5 wired
  12. Just got finish with Kholat, it is a very interesting walking sim with some horror mix in. There is a monster that does appear in certen areas which can be very annoying if your trying to get some where, usually in areas where it gets really dark. The story is told thought dialog like dear ester and though papers you find on the ground. You can die in the game which sucks if you haven't found a paper or used a tent(use for fast travel) in a while. All in all I give it 4/5. Oh also run if you see orange clouds.
  13. This looks amazing, I can't wait to get it and build it with my nephews.