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  1. My friend is really hoping that krito from sao and alucad from hellsing fight cell
  2. Been playing LOZ breath of the wild, I went to a midnight release with my friend. We where 2nd and third in line, the place ended up having 66 switchies. the also had two special edition of zelda that they got by mistake so I garbed one. One the best birthday gifts I ever gave myself.
  3. sorry I didn't get back to your tag epic
  4. Thought I make this topic, been meaning to for awhile. First thing first, who is your favorite gem(s)(this can be anyone including fusions)? Mine are Lapis and Garnet and Steven.
  5. Here we can talk about all thing of the children card game yugioh. First things first what do you all think of Link summoning? Also, what does pot of greed do yugi?
  6. And I always pick Mercy
  7. Mine would be mercy. I thought it would be winston but I like her better.
  8. Been doing a blind lets play of re7, its been fun so far. It bring back a lot of memories of the original games via the less ammo and confine spaces. Here's a video i streamed on youtube from the other day, sill working on the mic but I think its working out well. Ps spoilers for anyone has not played it.
  9. New Challengers appears to fight cell.
  10. Thanks for uploading this epic.
  11. cool, I just got done playing some overwatch. I usually play mercy.
  12. Here's my unboxing of my pipboy 3000, my friend help me out with his camra. Also Happy New Year everyone.
  13. Great video, I still have to watch that movie. Hope you get yours soon too.
  14. From what I know, an action adventure is combat and story heavy game equliy mixted in with a bit of rpg elements as well. The best examples I can give are the onimusa games, Darksiders, Devil may cry and kingdom hearts. But if were not talking about games than I don't know.