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  1. Now available on Steam

    Wow, that's a steep pricing for an unfinished game 20€ that's nearly 30$. Sorry, but I won't buy an unfinished game at this price!
  2. Graphical Error

    Same here. Glitches is here and it is barely playable like that. For me the glitches are gone since the update, so please Double Fine dont touch anything or you might break it again But you had totally different graphics glitches as the one in OP!! I suffer from the one in the original post, the ones that look like the glitch that can occur when MSAA management isn't handled over to the application (according to the tech info here or in the readme). Thing is: Even with MSAA completely disabled I still get these glitches, which make the game rather unplayable.
  3. Graphical Error

    yes it is, since about 2005 rofl. but thank you for your valuable input No. It is only supported for GFWL games. This is not such a game. ...and not since 2005. You can stop rolling on the floor. How is this relevant to the thread title "Graphical Error"? On PC it is called "Force Feedback" - educate yourself here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectInput List of games here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PC_games_with_force_feedback_support If you further want to make comments on technology and your views on them, I suggest writing a personal blog. Wordpress or Tumblr? There, you can have your audience. ... and we could now all move on and stay on topic? Thanks. Wow dude, sorry that my info on the rumble feature was out of date, but no need to behave like an a**hole! Educate yourself - force feedback and a rumble feature is not the same on the PC. And don't talk people down to being OT when your own post is OT. And why did you level your charge at me being OT instead of the original OT post?!?
  4. Graphical Error

    No, the glitches as shown in the original post are still there for me.
  5. Graphical Error

    yes it is, since about 2005 rofl. but thank you for your valuable input No. It is only supported for GFWL games. This is not such a game. ...and not since 2005. You can stop rolling on the floor.
  6. Graphical Error

    Xbox controller viration isn't supported at all by Windows or is it in the mean time? Would be new to me.
  7. New (But Imperfect) 1.0.03 Patch is Live

    Sorry to come back so late to this Justin. My problems got even worse. I de-installed the game and re-installed it freshly. It was running fine in my quick test. Next time I tried to load it, it fails to start. It hangs before the loading screen (just a black screen) and CTD's with a Windows error message - something like IronBrigade.exe encountered a problem and had to be terminated. I only installed one piece of software in between these two tests - the Brütal Legend beta. Drivers are up to date. I tried full screen and windowed. Any ideas anyone? Hmm, after rebooting my computer the game starts again. The broken sound never happens in the first round only from the second match onward. When it happened again I quit the game and restartet it and I could play 3 matches in a row without the bug happening. Weird...
  8. Graphical Error

    I have the exactly the same graphical glitches as the OP although I'm running on good old Windows XP.
  9. New (But Imperfect) 1.0.03 Patch is Live

    Ok, with this patch I have music now but it also broke my sound. Every 2nd game or so the sound goes completely kaputt. Just some random loud noise so that I have to turn off the speakers/ take off the headphones.
  10. This Game Is Fantastic

    Concerning DLC: I'd love to see/play the pirate, robot and clown adventure.
  11. This Game Is Fantastic

    I've finished two play-throughs. Now I'm going to start the last one with the Time Traveller. At first I was alarmed by some rather bad reviews, but I don't agree with those reviews at all. I think it's a great game and it's a lot of fun. I also love the look. And while the audio is also great I still miss the music by Peter McConnell Strange to have a Double Fine game without his music. Once I finish all characters, I'll dive into the game again for the missing achievements - hopefully without having to look into a game guide. So far I didn't need any help and I have to say that I find the difficulty balancing of the puzzles really, really good!!
  12. Please fix the shoddy PC controller support!

    Every single PC release of Double Fine has this problem and it is driving me nuts!! Seriously, this is not acceptable.
  13. Online Co-Op for PC or even Console release.

    It's a real shame that the game has no online co-op in this day and age. Especially as Double-Fine already has a networking pipeline for several of its games that could be used. I could not talk a single friend of mine into buying this when I informed them that co-op is only local!!
  14. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    Impressive work. I love the mechanics of this, the new kind of mouse controls work so good once you get used to them. So *much* more immersive than a point and click system! Beautiful art and mood and I just love to play it. The camera work is so good, considering we're dealing with a lush forest here. I always dreadmed of a Zelda game featuring such a satisfying forest level as this game has. It never came. Now - although not a Zelda game - there it is. Thank you!

    Wow! I really love this stuff!