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  1. I really, really want one and will try my hardest to get one. I mean, I would just buy one if they were for sale, but sadly they are not.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is just the first wave of re-releases, so we'll probably see Full Throttle and such sometime soon.
  3. Hahaha, sorta. Randy had mentioned that they love to hear suggestions during panels and I brought up Brutal Legend. Randy said something like "We've definitely been considering Brutal Legend, but it's a matter of "Will people buy this?"" I suppose they've got to weigh all their options when having the ability to market characters from a lot of different games. Obviously a Kratos figure will sell more than an Eddie, but let's hope they take the chance. I'd definitely buy an Eddie Figure and a Halford if they made it My buddy went on to suggest TF2 toys, which I fully support as well.
  4. I work at Gamervision and I was at this panel. Randy had also mentioned that he really wanted to do Heavy Metal figures (he mentioned King Diamond). To further press the issue I told him that if he did Brutal Legend figures he could do some Heavy Metal figures too. GENIUS!
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