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  1. Devin, I'm going to leave this here for you. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.
  2. Awesome. Look at those poor little pawn heads.
  3. The announced platforms are PS4, PC and Mac. It is not coming out on Vita -- that was a mistake.
  4. We are not currently planning on doing any streams. We are occasionally filming some behind the scenes sort of things that we will release, once we figure out what to do with them!
  5. That's a hard one. I consider myself more of an artist than a project lead, I suppose. So if I could only ever do one, it would probably be an artist in some form -- Art Director or otherwise. That being said, the opportunity to lead a project is a rare honor in this industry and I feel extremely lucky to have been given that chance. Luckily, so far, I haven't had to choose only one thing to do in my career. I've done a lot of different things and that is nice, too.
  6. And the crazy amount of tech in getting that dog headlandable that was done after days of brow beating and verbal harassment by Lee (just kidding, it was pretty straightforward, and the verbal harassment by Lee is constant anyway...just kidding again...maybe) Oh man. Lee is reading this thread. Now he's gonna come by your desk with a baseball bat. Ehh...that's our recurring Wednesday meeting. I just googled Lee Petty and this image came up. What do you think it means? Lee totally carries that Dentistry book around ALL the time. Oral hygiene is important, Kee.
  7. Much of Headlander's gameplay focuses on the differences between the two modes -- head and body. The head IS the player character (and we will have multiple player characters that the player can select from!). The head, and its helmet systems, are with the player the whole game. If the head is destroyed, the player starts from the last check point. Bodies are disposable in some ways. Body health never regenerates, so its likely the player will be switching bodies often. Bodies can be used as tools, to open things, and as explosives themselves. Different bodies can open different things, attack different ways, and have other intrinsic abilities. Even though bodies are not permanent, if you really like a particular body, you will probably take more care to keep it intact -- rather than use it in a disposable way. Its up to the player how they use them!
  8. We are using the Buddha engine. Like most games here that use the Buddha engine, we add lots of things to it for our specific game. We added lots of things for Headlander!
  9. Adult Swim has been fantastic. Great partners. I'd work with them again! Well, the idea for Headlander was originally pitched back in 2011! At that point we were thinking it might be a big-budget, 3rd person game. But about 9 months later, a small team and I (It was the Double Fine Happy Action Theater team, after they shipped that game!) made a prototype in 2-3 weeks, AF style. It was a side-scrolling game, which I thought would work very well with the mechanics (bouncing!) and also could be done on a more modest budget. Its a game where you can suck the head off a dog. How's that?
  10. Headlander and Stacking are very different games, despite my obsession with body control. Headlander is much more of an action game, and the mechanics focus a lot on combat and traversal puzzles whereas Stacking was almost exclusively adventure game style puzzles involving specific doll abilities. Headlander is mission structured, but almost all the objectives can be done in any order the player wants. There are also multiple paths through all of the areas, with lots of hidden areas to discover and fun, hidden things to headland into, some of which are part of optional secondary missions, some which are just for fun! And experience, which drives the player upgrade system. What both games have in common is that we are trying to create an alternate world, one with its own sense of "place" and backstory, that the player can discover by talking to lots of side characters and by head-landing into a variety of terminals and extracting information. Even combat scenarios can be accomplished in a variety of ways, using combinations of laser combat/bouncing, head-landing/head-sucking, and other player selected upgrades. Headlander is fully voice acted, and we have some amazing talent. You might even recognize some Double Fine favorites from other games I think if i could head-land onto something, it would be a taxi-determied, extinct animal -- like you might see in the Natural History Museum. Maybe a wooly mammoth.
  11. I've always loved 70's sci-fi. There's something evocative about it -- it seems to really capture a time period and a way of thinking about technology that is, nowadays, simultaneously entertaining/silly and somewhat still poignant. Here a few of my 70's sci-fi loves: Movies: Logan's Run Rollerball THX-1138 Barbarella Silent Running Sci-fi Artists: Berkey Foss Moebius Sci-Fi Writing: Phillip K. Dick Heinlein Non-Sci Fi Art that inspired the look of Headlander: 60/70's lifetime illustrations by folks like Bob Peak, Mac Connor Coby Whitmore Joe Bowler Late modernist architecture: JFK Terminal! Eastern European Brutalism Le Corbusier Googie style architecture/pattern I better stop now, I could go on for hours. I didn't even talk about Furniture, graphic design or fashion.
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