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  1. Good News! Check this out: http://www.gamerzines.com/xbox/news-xbox/schafer-brutal-legend.html
  2. So I'm playing normally, when suddenly, this happens: No idea how I caused it; just thought I should share it.
  3. Idea for my idea: what if we do the event while using the streaming site mentioned in this thread to show it off? That'd get even more attention. And to get the news around, we can spread the word through xbox live, playstation network, & any other websites that the fans use that "If they want more Brutal Legends, they should take part/support this event and spread the word!"
  4. Better idea - what if that time was 'forever'? That wouldn't work, as then it wouldn't be simultaneous, and it wouldn't grab as much attention.
  5. For the licensing of the music, we just need to let it slip that when Brutal Legend was released, it increased the purchasing of the metal found in the game by appx. 700%. That ought to get music producers to at least lower the fees, if not drop them all together.
  6. elaborate Here's what I mean: Whenever people play a game online(whether on a console, pc, etc.), it records the amount of traffic that game received at the time. This record is sent to the companies that the game was made by so as to show how popular a game is at any one time. When the numbers are high, the companies pay more attention. Also, when there is a massive amount of activity for a single game(such as when a whole bunch of players start playing it all at the same time), the companies sometimes realize that the fans, who are THE PEOPLE THAT THEY MAKE THE GAMES FOR, want the series to continue. This also happens with old TV series on Netflix. So what I'm saying is that if we got, say, a couple thousand of the Brutal Legend fans out there, to all play multiplayer online at x time on x day, EA and Double Fine would notice and, hopefully, realize that WE WANT MORE BRUTAL LEGEND!
  7. I just had an idea. We could schedule a time when a HUGE number of people would play Brutal Legend online all at once. That ought to get some attention from EA.
  8. It seems contacting EA is going to be harder than I thought; can't find one shred of useful contact information on the entire site...
  9. The following is a message I just sent to Tim Schafer. "'This is a public service announcement...WITH GUITAR!!!!!' I am but a humble messenger, bringing you a message of great importance. There are hundreds of thousands of fans of Brutal Legend, many of whom want to see a squeal to the game (or at least more downloadable content). In the game's first month on the market, it sold over 215,000 copies; it then went on to win two awards and give the heavy metal industry over 700% boost in sales of music featured in the game. Right now you're probably thinking, 'Oh great, another annoying message from another fanatic fan who wants something we can't provide...' I, however, am just delivering a message, and the message is this. Brutal Legend 2 is not impossible. If funding is an issue, then just add it to your Kickstarter, like Rich Berlew did with his out of print books on his Kickstarter. If the issue is fan-based, then you need to see this. If the issue is different, please post it in the thread I am about to make. Thank you from all of the fans." If you also want more Brutal Legend, please post.
  10. If you could build your own Brütal army, what units would you choose, solos would you know, and what is your avatar's weapon/fighting style? Post your answers here, but here are the rules: Must have following solos: Rally Army Fan Tribute Summon Flag Any one vehicle Summon solo (Summon Deuce, Summon Hearse, or Summon Chariot) Any one Ally solo (Call of the Wild, Baleful Misdirection, Summon Hellions) Army Units: min. 3 lv 1 units (Grave Diggers, Punishing Party, Razor Girls, etc.) min. 2 lv 2 units (Ratgut, Fire Baron, Warfather, etc.) min. 3 lv 3 units (Reaper, Overblesser, Metal Beast, etc.) min. 1 lv 4 unit(s) (Tree Back, Bleeding Death, Rock Crusher) MAX. 12 units total (may be changed to 13 if everyone agrees) Fighting style: one weapon (axe, tear water, or staff axe) If you have another weapon idea, ask about it. If others agree, then okay. Still post a regular weapon just in case. Guitar type (Clementine, Ophelia's, Hydra, Bass) If you have another guitar idea, ask about it. If others agree, then okay. Still post a regular guitar just in case. Happy Building!
  11. If you sign this petition, we all will be one step closer to Brütal Legend 2! And remember, "They can't stop us; let 'em try! For [brütal Legend 2] we will [sIGN]!" http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/legendsequel
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