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  1. "Buy Now" button

    Registered two days ago and found it in my list of paint jobs today. just takes time.
  2. Thank you Double Fine

    I have been a longtime fan of Tim's work. I grew up on Monkey Island (which is still one of my all time favorite series and "Curse" is my all time favorite adventure) and have been hooked ever since. I remember when Psychonauts came out and I've probably played through that five or six times. As an avid metalhead, Brutal Legend was pretty much the game I've always wanted, and without the need for me to add my own soundtrack. When you guys announced that you were going to start doing smaller projects, I'll admit I was disappointed (though I imagine that had a lot to do with the loss of the Brutal Legend sequel), but I'm very happy to say it was completely unfounded. I recently finished Costume Quest (and the DLC expansion) and I absolutely loved it. Once again, you guys have delivered a gem of a title. I've been describing it as "the closest thing we'll probably ever get to a Calvin & Hobbes game" due to the level of imagination present (that said, it wouldn't hurt to have a little blond kid join the party, maybe with a tiger costume, heh). I'm really looking forward to any new DLC that might be coming out (hoping for "spring" and "summer" additions to complete the seasons). Basically, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you at Double Fine for continuing to produce excellent games way above the standard. I'm really excited about Trenched and I'll probably even buy a Kinect just to try out "Once Upon A Monster"..........y'know...........for my kids...........who will be the next year or two.............yeah. So, yeah. Just a little love letter from a longtime fan. Keep up the great work! M