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  1. Another great game! That's awesome you got Hal Barwood to join! I wonder if Disney is going to continue this franchise?
  2. Another brilliant episode! It'll be super sad when these are all done, but at least that will mean we will have the finished product with all this amazing talent put together! There's not much else I can add to the all the previous comments- as said it was an awesome mix of various stories: Peter McConnell, voice recording sessions, Art and Animation team, PAX and post-party. I loved every bit of it- dirty jokes and all. Will we never hear about Frank's BJ story?
  3. It sure is interesting to see people grow up on the internet. Our Warrior must be like a Junior now in HS, no?
  4. Hmm.. maybe it was just a silly thing for old timey people to say after watching a spectacular performance. I can imagine Jake English from Homestuck saying something like that. Or maybe it was just a perverted vaudevillian joke. *shrugs*
  5. There, there, little Katezepede. No need to be afraid. Also, in honor of you guys coming back to visit, I am reverting back to my retro self!
  6. That's right- I'm actually using a time machine to travel back and forth through time- editing my posts and causing all sorts of forum paradoxes. I do this because I'm lonely. @Feddlefew: woah- had no idea Pac-Man was so deep. I wonder what he'd say about Pong? (Fun Fact: Did you know Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man in Japan (for the sound he makes while eating), but was changed as it sounded too close to an obvious vulgarity. Poop-Man).
  7. Leave it up to you guys to take a perfectly fun topic like the apocalypse and make it all dark. :C
  8. @Xaromir: The episode aired on Disney channel this past Friday 9/14, though Double H saw it earlier so he might be able to help you out. @Double H: Thank you, sir! I think I shall be updating my avatar on other forums now!
  9. Didn't you join before 2011? I could have sworn you here in 2010 when I joined Eh?
  10. Just wanted to share with you all a link to the Kickstarter Blog which recaps all the history that DF set starting on Feb 8, 2012. http://www.kickstarter.com/blog/24-hours
  11. Neat! An update exactly one year since it left off! Uhm.. >Experience flashbacks to remember what the main objectives were.
  12. Wish I could have made it last night! Hope it was fun!
  13. I have resurrected this thread to post my desktop this month because it is too mind-blowing not to share with the rest of the universe (ie. the DFAF community). Showdown II by Ursca
  14. Hey, alls! How is everyone doing on DFAF? @Feddle: Interesting pics. I found one of those bugs hiding in a cup once. Didn't realize it until I was half way finished drinking my coffee. Anyone here watch the American Chopper: Buildoff Special? Because Paul Jr's design was awesome, and Jessie James did nothing but prove that he was a mega-douche.
  15. Uhm.. for TV: The Walking Dead, if you don't mind zombies. For games: Gretel and Hansel Parts 1 and 2 on the Newgrounds website (thanks again to Feddle for sharing that link!)
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