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  1. if your talking about where the gate is that you go through to get to the maze I've tried several times to go back out of it and it wont let me. but it doesn't really matter anymore cause after a few hrs of trying i got quite mad and i just gave up and started the game over again.im starting to think it might have been a glitch or something cause i know im not that bad at video games that i couldn't find my way out unless it was hidden or something but anyway thank you very much for your reply
  2. so i beat the game today... loved it btw. and i noticed i was still missing a few of the pieces of the vampire costume. i know where to look for them but my problem is once i entered the maze it wont let me back out. even after i finished the game. it gives me no way to get back to Fall Valley besides just the maze area. if someone could help me get back that would be awesome or do i have to play the whole game over again just so i can get to the end of the game to get the "Master Of Disguise" Achievement. Any help would be appreciated
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