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  1. The idea is that everyone enters fictional characters, then the game runs with events (it's all just text-based with a picture uploaded) that involve the characters killing each other and other stuff then at the end one of the fictional characters gets bragging rights. It's as fun as the person who's running the game, because there can be custom events. The fun part is that people root for fictional characters for arbitrary reasons and talks smack about the other characters.
  2. That makes me want to read it more. I liked The Dark Tower pretty well. I thought Eyes of the Dragon, The Stand, Running Man and The Long Walk were pretty good but didn't particularly care for Cujo, Misery and The Shining. I can't remember what else I've read. But I don't get the impression that any of those are the best example of horror by King.
  3. Is It worth reading for someone who's not a huge King fan? I kind of liked the first movie so I'm open to reading it before seeing the remake but I'm not convinced.
  4. IMO it's a failure of the community everytime someone has to run interference as a mod. Does anyone here feel like they've ever actually had a good conversation about politics on this forum, let alone one where you have a conversation with someone you disagree with? The attitudes here are just kind of a non-starter.
  5. A win is a win regardless, Johro so I tip my hat to you. How did you go about making your pics, or is it trade secrets? I thought you were in trouble because Gonzaga got out by the skin of their teeth in the second round or whatever that was. Just intellectually I think the reason the NCAA is fun to watch is that it's not an exact science, it's Warhammer not chess. With single-game elimination and individual heroics playing a huge role in everything. The chance of anyone getting a perfect bracket is tiny so there's no reason not to be bold with your picks.
  6. It's funny to me how you guys talk about the way "the alt-right" labels SJWs as if "the alt-right" was one centralized group of people. It's almost like insular groups of people use buzzwords as virtue-signals regardless of where they lay on the political spectrum. It's all identity politics that detract from issues.
  7. I think the youtuber I watch most is Brother Nathanael. He reminds me of my dead grandpa and and I like how much effort he puts into writing and doing his bits.
  8. I submitted one, I didn't change the title on it but I picked Kansas this time.
  9. I kind of prefer uploads to embeddings. I always felt like if it's worth sharing on a website then you ought to think it's worth saving, plus then links don't just die.
  10. I was in the 92nd percentile when I checked yesterday then UVA lost to Florida Iowa St lost to Purdue. The first couple rounds of the womens tournament is sort of predictable, IMO because so many girls play 4 years so the teams know who they are moreso than the mens. If someone just picked all of the higher seeds they'd be winning our womens bracket by a fair margin.
  11. ^ I was watching that, kid was hilarious. If Gonzaga wins by less than 4 Johro has to thank the refs. That missed goaltend call and technical were unbelievable. Yeah... A 5 point game before that last intentional foul, the refs have some splaining to do. Definitely merits an announcement from the ncaa or something as well as not having those refs working any more Gonzaga games this tournament.
  12. ^ Happy birthday. I believe the 20th anniversary of biggie smalls death was a couple of days ago, is this a coincidence?
  13. Tough luck with Nova getting knocked out, Epic- Wisconsin was a tough 8 seed. Good news for scarecrow and I though.
  14. I almost picked WV to beat Gonzaga, I probably would have if I realized someone was going to pick them to win it all. That will be an interesting matchup, I really like teams like WVU that have high-pressure defenses.