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  1. I watched Human Centipede and A Serbian Film back to back once. I haven't seen some of the others though.
  2. Johro would've had an excellent bracket if Gonzaga pulled this out. This game was kind of hard to watch, way too many fouls called IMO. I watch college to get a break from all of the touch fouls in the NBA. 2:42 is too long for 40 minutes of basketball.
  3. The thing is I'm willing to dye my hair and beard but I don't really want to shave my beard or shave/wax my chest/belly so that pretty much limits me to Blackbeard. Who else would be good? Part of cosplaying is realizing that the majority of people think it's lame all of the time.
  4. I think I want to cosplay as Blackbeard. The only problems are that I'm pale, blonde, skinny, have all of my teeth and I don't have a huge nose.
  5. I know I shouldn't be so surprised that UCONN lost but I still kind of am. Still this was hands down the weakest team they've had since before Stewart got there, and arguably since before Tina Charles started. And they lost one game all season, but the crazy thing is only graduating one real rotation player in Chong. Gabby Williams is a junior and Colier/Samuelson are sophmores, Dangerfield is a freshman and the recruiting class this year was pretty damn good. UCONN is easily the favorite to win the next 2 championships. That was a fun game to watch. Even though I'm a UCONN fan I can't really root against whoever pulls off the upset.
  6. Good point about feddle. I suppose you, freedombattery and I are the only people still here from 2007. Are you saying you're not from telltale?
  7. You're already taking the highroad. You wear the badge well. Putting a bunch of telltale people as mods secures alliances. It's like having your daughter marry a Tyrell.
  8. Alright I was throwing shade and that really wasn't fair. -I haven't been in a political argument with feddlefew in years (ever?) -Anenome writes his opinion about politics and politicians as if it's an objective fact and this bothers me. -Alcoremortis has refused to acknowledge that other people can be well-intentioned and have a different political opinion than hers and I find this disturbing. Personally I really appreciate the tone that Jenni takes when she posts about politics (as a mod and just in general). I'll assume that you're all going to do a great job.
  9. I generally think it's a good practice to make people mods who don't make it a habit of getting into political arguments on a regular basis.
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