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  1. No Iron Brigade Trial/Demo?

    Checking Iron Brigade on the UK XBLA - I can't see an option to download the demo/trial version... Just to purchase the full version or go back to the main XBLA marketplace. Does anyone know if a demo/trial version is on its way, or if theres not going to be one at all, or if it is already availably & I'm missing something?
  2. Iron Brigade set to release in Europe soon!!!

    I was just wondering what had happened to the September release - I guess it's lost somewhere in Microsoft's sucky certification process. I wonder if MS treat their developers like crap, or if they just have a really bad process in place? Edit: Can't see it listed on Major Nelsons Blog.
  3. is there any way of playing this in europe???

    According to ShopTo it's going to be released in Europe as Iron Brigade Edit: The article also states that it will be released in September
  4. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Quick update via this Destructoid article. Brad Muir at Double Fine, producer of Trenched; 'This entire process has been very frustrating to us and it makes us sad that the people of Europe can't play our game. Microsoft owns the IP for TRENCHED and they are working to resolve things as quickly as possible. I wish there were more information to give but it's still unclear as to how things will shake out. The one thing I do know is that the game will be released in those territories! It might take a while, but Europeans will have the opportunity to stick it to Vlad and his Tubes. We would recommend playing through Castle Crashers for the 17th time while you wait, because that game rules and Dan Paladin is a national treasure.'
  5. On sale for 600 MSP?

    Sweet! Bought! - Thanks for the heads-up UKresistance.
  6. Euro gamers compensation?

    Both great ideas - Both, unfortunately, require money (not already spent on EU XBL points) to do.
  7. TRENCHED in Europe!

    It's currently generally believed that the reason for the delay is due to a copyright issue. Since there's nothing we (forum memebers) can do about it; since MS & DF are (for legal reasons?) keeping schtum; since we have no idea how long we can expect the delay to be (or even if the Euro release has been cancelled altogether); since the big summer XBL titles are starting to be released, most people have resigned themselves to either buying from the US or moving on. & since most people have resigned themselves to either buying from the US or moving on, there's nothing to post about in this thread :-)
  8. Euro gamers compensation?

    Count me in on that - I'm flat broke - No US buying with a US account for me. This thread is silly though.
  9. TRENCHED in Europe!

    There are a few people who here who have ordered via US Live - Maybe they can help? I believe PayPal may be involved? :-)
  10. TRENCHED in Europe!

    How do you mean? I'd guess only the assets visible to a player are important here? (though I don't know if it would need to go through QA again with MS and reclassification with PEGI after any code amendments - it might be MS are hoping it will be faster to come to an agreement with the current copyright holder?)
  11. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Trenched in Europe? Benched! :-)
  12. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Ahh - If only we could all be as perfect as you Carl :coolsmile:
  13. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Has anybody tried out 'HALF-MINUTE HERO'? Any good?
  14. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I had a quick search when the delay was first announced.... I didn't even find the band
  15. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I could see that being the case - Though, if it were, why wouldn't DF just say so from the beginning? It's not something they'd need to be coy about.
  16. TRENCHED in Europe!

    This is all I get from PEGI: 12 PEGI Online Game contains depictions of violence Game contains bad language Trenched Microsoft Ireland Research The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 12 years and over only. It contains: Non realistic looking violence towards human characters - Mild bad language This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE System: XBox 360 Genre: Other/Arcade Game Releasedate: 2011-05-04 PEGI Link No results for the UK though. EDIT: Woo-hoo... Post 300
  17. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Ooops - your right - Sorry!
  18. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Trenched has already been rated by the ESRB: Trenched Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: Teen Content descriptors: Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco, Violence Rating summary: This is a third-person shooter in which players pilot and control giant weaponized mechs to defend against robotic enemies. Players use machine guns, sniper canons, and grenade launchers to kill waves of enemy creatures and larger bosses. The combat can be frenetic at times, and is accompanied by realistic gunfire and explosions; enemies fall to pieces and disappear when defeated. A handful of still-frame cutscenes include magazine covers or character descriptions that reference suggestive material (e.g., '[This pilot] loves to sleep with his wife,' 'The Sex-Beast of Route 66,' and 'Saucy Succubi of Transylvania'). Several scenes depict characters smoking cigars or cigarettes. The words 'sh*t,' 'b*tch,' and 'a*s' can be heard in the dialogue. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/synopsis.jsp?Certificate=30826 So maybe not those guys holding things up?
  19. TRENCHED in Europe!

    True - I am completely guessing that when/if it is released in the EU, that it would be as part of the general 'this weeks' release bundle rather than as a special/separate release. Just seems like an easier/straightforward thing to do (from their perspective) than releasing it separately/later in the day? Hopefully I'm wrong though :-) EDIT: 20 pages of waiting with no info - yay! :-)
  20. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I can't imagine DF are any more pleased about this as we are. As I understand it once the game has been delivered to the XBox guys for release; it's out of the developers hands. I've read a couple of articles from developers complaining about MS sitting on their titles (sometimes for a couple of months) without releasing the title and refusing to give any explanation (to the developers) for the delay. Obviously I don't know if that is the case this time, since we have no details ourselves; but...
  21. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Checking the UK XBox site, this weeks games; HALF-MINUTE HERO -Super Mega Neo Climax- Galaga Legions DX BackBreaker Vengeance Are all available to buy/trial... so, no Trenched today.
  22. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I would be surprised if they changed their SOA lineup so late in the game. Though, I guess they may quietly release it alongside the more heavily advertised games? Otherwise... maybe a September release? (Just in time for for everyone to be distracted by the end of year AAA titles - nice!) Either-way it doesn't sound like like Trenched is going to be released in the EU anytime soon. I guess it's buy from a US account or spend your pennies elsewhere.
  23. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Nothing - No news, no ETA's nadda. :-)
  24. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Nicely put - That was what my reply was supposed to say :-) Maybe it's just down to personal taste? I could never get into CounterStrike - but plenty of other people loved it.
  25. TRENCHED in Europe!

    I think most people did Don't get me wrong, I thought it as a great game. I'll give that a try; but, from what I remember last time I played, I found I needed to spent a lot of time managing - defending fan geysers and generating more troops, etc... than I did fighting. Otherwise I'd kept getting overrun by the opposing team