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  1. This is a true story that I've been meaning to write for quite awhile. I wanted to share it with the developers because it's a kind of positive feedback that I think any gamer and developer likes to hear (I know it would make me feel good to hear it about something I worked hard on). This is such a great game. I bought it for myself when I saw that it was made by you awesome people at Double Fine and I was hoping that my daughters would want to give it a go. For awhile I had tried to get my older daughter Madeline (7 years old) into playing turn-based RPGs because I knew she would be good at it (she loves to play both checkers and chess, so I knew she had the mind for devising strategies, and she always watches when I play video games so I knew she had an interest, too). But for whatever reason she didn't have much of a desire to pick up a controller and try out anything other than platformers. Costume Quest single-handedly changed that, though. When she saw me playing it, she didn't just want to watch it, she wanted to PLAY it. The battle difficulty is just perfect. It starts at entry level and works its way up steadily so as not to have any large gaps. Because of that, she learned how to become a progressively better and better player. Sure, she lost fights, and there were even times when she got frustrated, but it never became so frustrating that she felt like giving up. She always leaped back in with a new costume and/or strategy, and it was obvious that those frustrating moments just made victory all the sweeter for her when she won (shouting "I did it!" and doing victory dances weren't uncommon ). She didn't give up on it until she had beaten the whole thing. The awesome part of the story, though, is that it didn't end with Costume Quest. Once she realized she could beat a game, it inspired her to finish other games after that (including Grubbins on Ice when that came out). And gaming in general has had a positive impact on her attitude. Where before she was likely to give up on a homework problem if the answer didn't come to her in under 5 seconds (and even burst into tears about it), she's now much more patient and willing to stop and think about a problem. And failure isn't a reason to cry anymore, it's just part of the process. Yesterday afternoon she started to replay Costume Quest and she is nearly finished it again already. Naturally it got me thinking about this, so I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for making such awesome games. I'm a big fan and now so is my older daughter. Maybe in another 2 years time I'll be here with a similar story about my younger daughter.
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