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  1. Broken Age getting good reviews so far

    I'm not reading any reviews right now to avoid act 2 spoilers, but John Walker has been vocal enough on twitter that I have an idea how he feels about it. I generally like John's writing, but I've been reading his stuff for enough years to know I hardly ever agree with his opinions on point & click / adventure games. I don't care if he gave it a good or bad review, what I didn't like was him labelling reviews that liked it more than he did as "trite & sycophantic" on his twitter.
  2. Running Bug List (Likely Spoilers)

    OK, thanks. I wasn't expecting to trigger the end of the game right then and hadn't had any combat in that costume to observe it happen.
  3. Running Bug List (Likely Spoilers)

    I don't know if this is supposed to happen? I was playing with Reynold as my main character and wearing the Floss Robot costume when I triggered the battle with Orel White. For some reason the Robot costume was no longer equipped when the fight started, Reynold was wearing the Candy Corn instead.
  4. Getting Broken Age on iPad as a Backer?

    It wasn't ever listed as a backer reward as far as I'm aware, so I'd say no.
  5. Costume Quest 2!!

    I have my fingers crossed for announcements of Napkin Tycoon and Sexy Pong.
  6. Costume Quest 2!!

    Awesome news, and I loved the whiteboard!
  7. I'd love to see Dum Sim and What Could Go Wrong? get made somehow, however they're funded. Breach, Derelict, Buried Metropolis, Ether, Great Spirits also really appealed to me during the voting. Seeing any of those concepts get picked up and developed further would be great.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, Chris. I've ordered my copy now, the one with all the covers.
  9. I assume there will be no region coding on the documentary? I don't really know how it works for Blu Ray, but thought it would be wise to ask before making an order from outside the US.
  10. The Knockover Official Thread

    I think this was my favourite of the ideas pitched, I'm sorry it didn't get into the top 4. I hope this and some of the others might re-appear in some form in the future.
  11. Post your Kickstarter Backer History

    Other than DFA (obviously), I have funded: IRONBUDS - modular, durable earbuds! The Comedy Button Podcast Nataly Dawn's first solo album BEST KEPT SECRET Idle Thumbs Video Game Podcast The Banner Saga
  12. Check out Double Fine's new XBLA game... Trenched!!!

    I wasn't sure from the original trailer if this was going to be my cup of tea, but listening to the Podcast has gotten me really excited for it.