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  1. Hey All! Long Random Game Thoughts/Ideas

    I like the idea of the tapestry. I immediately had an image of the old school Civ games where you could upgrade your palace after certain milestones were reached in the game. Maybe add scenes to it after particularly epic battles, whether you win or lose? After all, not every hero is going to have a happy ending. If online makes into the game (huge assumption at this point, I know), maybe there would be a way to compare your tapestry with a friend's? That'd be pretty interesting.
  2. :D (Smiles for Brad and the Massive Chalice team!)

    Where would one find an actual massive chalice?
  3. Your first adventure game?

    That mildly horrific Monkey Island 2(?) Playstation port. It was the second game I ever played on the PS1 and I had zero idea of what was expected of me in that game. First adventure game I finished was Full Throttle. I've replayed it a few times, but then I lost my disc. I threw it inside one of my tornado bags and now I think it's lost in the basement.
  4. Shoe on head

    It'll last for a month or two (probably less--it's internet time, people), then fade once the real game info starts coming out. Still, where else are you going to find pictures of Ron Gilbert with a shoe on his head?
  5. Thanks everybody!

    Whoa. Surprised my account is still valid on this site. That whole broadcast made being sent home from work early worth it. Congrats, guys.
  6. How old are you DFAF?

    Lol, you stole the words right out of my mouth. Twenty-three. Whoo.
  7. Favorite Book of the Decade

    The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Mind you, I'm still reading the damn thing...
  8. Worst Movies of the past decade

    Good Luck Chuck. Most awkward date ever.
  9. Party Up For Multiplayer!

    The Mad Herald
  10. The Official Brütal Standee Photo Collection Thread!

    A lot of times, marketing would send our store multiple standees and we'd have to pick and choose which ones to keep on the floor. I guess they choose something other than Brutal Legend at that store.
  11. The same can be said for western Kansas. Add in some prairie dogs and you're set.
  12. I dunno, the corn and cows can get pretty boring. The people, however, are never boring. I actually had a guy walk up to me and yell, "ALL CATS ARE VARMINTS." while I was getting gas one night. And once, a guy started talking to my car while I was on duty. Not me. The car. He called it "honey." They should probably test the water around here, actually.
  13. Aww, Texas can't be all that bad. I'm sure there are good parts. Somewhere.
  14. frell you doublefine/EA

    Throwing a tantrum because you aren't getting your way always works. Or, at least, that's what some people seem to think. Maybe people have low frustration thresholds. Betcha a psychologist would have a field day with those types.
  15. Depends on the part of Kansas. I think we can agree that the Westboro Baptist Church part doesn't count. What part are you from?