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  1. Enemy Sound Design, References maybe?

    Actually for the forgetful/memory demon, I would think it has a sound similar to a tapedeck on fast reverse. So, sound sped up and reversed, maybe something like a shriek.
  2. The Art Dump: Inspirations for Massive Chalice

    Can i suggest Mono Lake?
  3. Ah, seems you made an error with calculating your timeszones. At the moment it's 23.05 GMT, and 5 past midnight here. Someone on the Twitch chat said it was 15.05 Pacific there, so another hour to go. Not that I'm complaining, but yeah, an hour off on the timezone calculations.
  4. I hope you start two minutes sooner, because then it will be 2 Minutes To Midnight! here! \m/ \m/ Yeah, I got myself a pack of Robinsons Trooper beer. Quite awesome ale!
  5. Relics: Massive Enough?

    So, if you have two heroes from the same family and they both carry relics (assuming you can have multiple relics in the same house) and you marry one of them off to another family, does that relic revert to the original house when that hero dies, or does it disappear? Also, if you marry a family member off to another family and they have a weapon that can achieved relic status, does that weapon revert to the original family when that hero dies?
  6. Relics: Massive Enough?

    Awesome rework here guys. However I see a small problem. If a hero dies in battle with a relic, can he/she pass that relic to nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters? What is considered an heir? What is you married a sibling of the hero to another house, can you pass the relic to the offspring of that sibling, thereby giving that relic to the other house? As you said in the kickstarter video "merging the bloodlines".
  7. Class and feature suggestions.

    I really liked the idea of the BattleSmith, but with quite a different idea then most people here. I would imagine him as a self-buffer. His skills would manifest themselves as buffs in battle, like more damage, better defense and those sorts of things. Now the point is, he would need to make those improvements for himself, so that would take time. Maybe activating one ability would leave him unable to move, attack and defend and can only be activated if he has taken no other actions that turn. So that would leave you with the obvious choice, do you keep him back and fight with only 4 dudes while he works on improving himself and come in a lot later in the battle as a massive tank or do you send him out with the others and hope he will do good enough without those improvements or finds time to work on his abilities while the others distract the enemies. Like maybe a MtG creature that has "tap to put a +1/+1 counter one it". Do you use him as is, or do you wait a turn and make him stronger. Just some thoughts.
  8. Keep interaction

    Just wondering how the Keep and Capital City interaction will be handled. Will it be something similar to how we know it from the Heroes Of Might And Magic games, with clickable buildings and show the interaction from there, or will there be no interaction but just a menu, or will it be a fully interactive area where you can walk your keep holder around? If you're going with the Heroes Of Might And Magic look, which seems to me to be the most aestethicgally pleasing while also being more economical, will we see changes happening to the look of the keep when you finish research? And how about adding a tavern, and maybe the keep holders can get into a bar-fight and gain a small amount of combat XP, or gain a negative perk like Alcoholic? Also, this is logically the place where all the bards gather... EDIT: The tavern would be a building that you'd need to research and give a small bonus to generating "rumors", the random events, of events like the possible location of an ancient relic. The bar-fight thing could be selectable, you'd want your keep lord to get into a fight. This might be beneficial if they are already near to leveling up when you placed them in the keep and want to get them up to that level. The added downside would be that they would have an increased chance of becoming an "alcoholic" halving the keeps output of gold and research. And maybe if the lord would get legendary status due to a bar-fight, they could drop a special relic, maybe a dented tankard, that would give additional stat bonuses, like increased stamina and toughness but with a penalty to accuracy.
  9. Nice, just one thing. In the comments you mention that Dio was replaced with Tim Curry because of the direction of the character. I remember Tim telling me on Twitter it happened because Dio died before they could finish recording his lines and had to replace him. It was quite a while ago on Twitter, but I clearly remember his telling me that. Wait, I'll look it up. There we go, took about half an hour but still: "We recorded a whole session with him but couldn't use it and he died before we could try again."
  10. Now, how about doing the documentary as a point and click adventure? You are Tim Schafer, your team is working on a point and click adventure what do you do? *Pick up: whip* *Walk to: Ron Gilbert* *Use: Whip on: Ron Gilbert* It's super effective! Production doubled! *Walk to: Office* *Look at: Bookcase* *Open: Secret Door* *Walk to: Hidden Vault* *Look at: HUGE pile of kickstarter money* *Swim*
  11. As said in another thread: I’ve had that same problem. However it can be solved in the same way I did it. Borrow a creditcard from someone. In my case, I borrowed mine from my mother, and gave her the money that it would cost me (I got the $30 deal, so that would be 22 euro or so) and she handed me her creditcard for this simple one-time transaction to one of the most secure sites on the internet (Amazon). I know you can easily get a creditcard, I’m 32 and could quite reasonable get one, with a normal job as systems administrator and web-designer, but I have something against using creditcards. But as you can understand, it is quite simple. Just ask a relative or friend that has one, and give or use a bank transfer to cover the bill of the creditcard, and usually they have no problems with it. Unless their cards are maxed out.
  12. Well, this turned pretty awesome: https://twitter.com/#!/miracleofsound/status/168061632247894017 He's up for it if they want him!
  13. I've had that same problem. However it can be solved in the same way I did it. Borrow a creditcard from someone. In my case, I borrowed mine from my mother, and gave her the money that it would cost me (I got the $30 deal, so that would be 22 euro or so) and she handed me her creditcard for this simple one-time transaction to one of the most secure sites on the internet (Amazon). I know you can easily get a creditcard, I'm 32 and could quite reasonable get one, with a normal job as systems administrator and web-designer, but I have something against using creditcards. But as you can understand, it is quite simple. Just ask a relative or friend that has one, and give or use a bank transfer to cover the bill of the creditcard, and usually they have no problems with it. Unless their cards are maxed out.
  14. NOTCH!??!?!?

    Due to this story we now know this needs to happen. Who wouldn't want to see that video?
  15. Now with almost 1.4 million, are we going to get a soundtrack for the game completely composed by Miracle Of Sound? That would certainly be awesome! And can give him some more much deserved fame.
  16. Thought this would be relevant, wrote it originally as a pitch for a webmagazine, but haven't heard from them, so I thought I might as well post it here. Hope you enjoy my views. As we all know the coming of Digital Distribution has brought on a huge revival in the Indie Market, with Steam and the Iphone App store as the front runners in this. Many of the big publishers have noticed this and have started their own Indie studios or bought some of them. Then came Double Fine and did that nobody ever expected, by doing something that many Indie developers have done for quite some time now. For their next game, working title currently is Double Fine Adventure, they decided to look outside of the publishers and other big corporation for funding and went straight to the fans. Within 12 hours they surpassed the estimated amount they needed to fund the game, a game that no publisher would invest in since they think adventure games wouldn’t sell. For distribution they are also going to bypass the publishers and going for digital distribution through Steam. As you can understand this is quite an unusual and unique route for a well-known studio to take, however it’s not unexpected. Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has had many problems with publishers to get his games published, like sequels to games like Psychonauts and Brütal Legend, that have all been denied by publishers that now hold the copyrights and IP for those games. And especially not forgetting that publishers can make demands on what they want in the games they fund and can make many other demands as they see fit since they paid for it and hold the copyrights. By going the way of crowd-funding Double Fine has bypassed all this mess and can concentrate on actually making a game the way they see it and want it. As you can expect, this sets an unusual precedent, one that I’m sure could scare many of the publishers. If Double Fine’s idea works other studios might start looking at similar ways to get their games off the ground. Naturally big triple A titles could not get their funding in this way, since that would require an investment of several millions, several millions on which you cannot be sure on if the game isn’t successful. However smaller cheaper games, like Double Fine has created in the past, and which are quite popular can give a publisher huge profits. Double Fine has now set the precedent for crowd-funding those small, but very lucrative, games, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more studios are going to pick up on this. With the publishers out of sight the studios can create what they love and what their fans love and want, without anyone having a say and what can and can’t be put into their games. And if this works I wouldn’t be surprised if several of the studios would completely focus on this new business model and drop out of the triple A industry. I’m not saying that no triple A title will ever be made, but I can see that this could frighten publishers if Double Fine succeeds with this venture. It would mean a big financial hit to the publishers if those small lucrative games are going to be independently published, and if studios are going to leave the industry to go for crowd-funded projects. All I can say is, with publishers being so afraid of changes as they are, this new idea can have major consequences. Let’s just hope that the publishers aren’t going to do to the studios what the major film companies did with their actors in the early days, I.E. bind them to them by contract.
  17. A really weird idea popped into my head. I was just playing some Brütal Legend and as a break I watched what was new on the Inside XBox thingy. They had this item on Call Of The Dead (a Call Of Duty addon), now I am not into FPS games, so I'm not suggesting anything like that. I noticed they had some really fun cameos in the game, and I noticed they didn't include Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead movies. Now this is where it gets interesting, I was trying to remember some scenes from Evil Dead and it was playing out in my mind just like I was playing Brütal Legend, and thought "That would make a great game!". Now to my knowledge there aren't any Evil Dead games and with Double Fine creating such diverse and super great awesome games, I thought that an Evil Dead game would fit right in. Something like a fun action/puzzle thing like Psychonauts or something. (Also, those movies are awesome! If you haven't seen them, SHAME ON YOU!)
  18. Interesting but strange suggestion

    Well, that basically comes down to a problem within the team that makes the game, like sub-par writing, bad design, or something else. I was suggesting Double Fine making this, and I cannot imagine them making a bad game.
  19. Interesting but strange suggestion

    Yeah, that's because a movie studio wants to cash in even more on their IP and also orders a game developer to make a game out of it and release it at the same time as the movie goes out. Now to make a good game, you need a LOT more time than to make a movie, so yeah, movie based games usually suck, but that counts only for games that are created simultaneously as the movie. Creating a game based on an older movie can create something a whole lot better since you aren't working with the same time pressure and can seriously create something good, not something slapped together to cash in on the movie sales.
  20. Interesting but strange suggestion

    Well, didn't do any internet research, I was just writing that from the top of my head. I should have actually researched it. But those games must have flown completely under the radar, since I never heard about any of them. But then again, being European means we only get the games that are sure to sell since most of the companies here that sell games don't want to get stuck with stuff that doesn't sell. But I did notice that those game that you linked to are games that are "based on" and not a complete adaptation of the movie into a game, which was what I was going for. Sure adapting a 90 minute movie into a game isn't going to work, that game would be way to short, but I mean, not straying very far from the original plot of the movies.
  21. Lost Brütal Legend Faction

    Symphonic/Epic Metal? Dudes with swords and old fashion bow and arrow and such things? Power Metal? Maybe to similar to the Symphonic/Epic Metal group, but I'm sure you can think of things for this. As for Fletus's group, since he looks like Brian Johnson (AC/DC) I guess they also wanted to include some Rock 'n Roll, which also would have included Motörhead. So I guess KillMaster might have actually belonged in his group. But that would really have been in the early stages, when they only really focused on the multiplayer and not really had a story yet.
  22. Easter time, it'd be cool to have an Easter CQ game

    Hell yeah. I would love more Costume Quest, and it would seem very obviously logical that it needs to be another holiday themed one. And we were left on somewhat of a cliffhanger at the end of Grubbins on Ice....
  23. Brutal Legend 2 MUST BE MADE!!!

    Interesting, I'm glad there is a thread on this. I really LOVE Brütal Legend, and it's many many inside jokes (just look at the title of the game for the "Heavy Metal Umlaut" that Blue Öyster Cult "invented", although unfortunately not having any BÖC songs in it....) And I really agree that there are some plot holes left, especially that scene at the end with the close-up of the tear, not really sure what we should be seeing there, but I have my suspicions. Now the reason for this post is pretty simple, I have several (in my opinion) good ideas for the story and game-play if there is a sequel made, and also some really fun suggestions. Now I will not go into many of the ideas I have for the story, but if someone that's in the company wants to hear the full idea they would know how to contact me. I will however share several of the fun ideas here. Now as we all know, the Metal scene is heavily fragmented and all over the place, my thought would be that that could probably happen to the people of the Brütal Legend world as well, and so factions would form around people that prefer a certain type of music. My idea would be the "generalists" of Ironheade who would listen to practically anything, so they would probably be best represented by the old Ironheade army from the first game (with newer stuff naturally). Another faction could maybe be called IronSworde, these would be the people that are into Power Metal, Symphonic Metal and other similar forms (think of music like HammerFall, Edguy, Iron Savior, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Masterplan and such). Their army could also be inspired by that music, with sword men instead of the headbangers and such things. A third faction could be called IronShredder. and this would be Thrash / Speed Metal inspired (think of bands like Annihilator, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Exodus, Iced Earth and such). This would also manifest itself in the look of the army. A fourth army could be formed from IronHeade and remnants of the Drowning Doom, becoming IronTears, as previously the inspirations here would come from Doom Metal and Death Metal, although now maybe without the goth look, since they blended with IronHeade members. Now how does that wall of text fit into the story. My idea is that IronHeade has started to fragment, and Eddie returns just at the right time in order to have to choose a side and that is basically what you have to play with from then on. Now this is nowhere near the whole idea for me, this is only the first act, I got a LOT more in mind here, and not all Metal related And here are some other random ideas. Fun Music unlocks. Buy all the car upgrades and get a nice driving song, something like Ultra-Motion by Annihilator. Destroy some great technological thing and get Killing Technology by Voivod. Complete all the Tuturials and get Teacher's Pet by Venom. Do the Beer-Run and get Romeo Delight by Van Halen. Kill 10 enemies with a single attack and get Dropping Like Flies by Armored Saint. Suicide yourself in some interesting way (not jumping off a cliff or something) and get Kill Yourself by S.O.D. Find all Buried Metal and get Metal Is Forever by Primal Fear. I guess you can think of many more, heck, you can even tie some songs to Achievement Unlocks. Well, that's a small taste of the ideas I have. I know this is very presumptuous to post something like this on my first post on this forum, but I had to get that of my chest, otherwise I would be driving myself crazy. Oh yeah, and EA seriously suck... Dead Space 2 was even deader than Dead Space 1, but no Brütal Legend 2? For SHAME!