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  1. The Smoky Progg was an optional enemy in the first game that looked like a ghost frog. If you came near the egg in the Distant Spring level, it would hatch and immediately head towards your onions. Just touching the backside of it would kill your Pikmin, and it's a pain to defeat. However, it drops an item that gives you 100 Pikmin when brought to an onion!
  2. I absolutely adore the Pikmin series. Olimar is silly and the gameplay is good fun all around. So I ask: Who here has played either of the Pikmin games? Thoughts? What would you like to see in a Pikmin 3? Did you ever defeat the Smoky Progg?
  3. I went to the store and found it had sold out of all its copies, so I picked up Killer7 instead. Hopefully I can snag No More Heroes after another shipment comes in.
  4. Not to mention Contact has a naked chef. And also the professor is priceless and always has something funny to say. I would say that it is fun to play, the writing is funny and quirky, it has a lot of neat references (the instruction manual is in the style of a blog, especially a Livejournal), and just overall is a game I enjoyed. I tend to like weirder stuff, though.
  5. I intend to pick up this game as soon as I have enough money. Contact is one of my favorite games on the DS, and Killer7 seems amazing, though I haven't been able to get that either. Who knows, if my funds permit and luck is on my side, I might be able to pick both Killer7 and No More Heroes up at once.
  6. I would be willing to pay quite a bit, as Tim Schafer games have never disappointed me. Though I guess I would need one of those newfangled PS3 or Xbox 360 systems, or I'll just be left looking at the lovely boxart. So if you include the price of a system and the standard price of a game, then I guess a large sum. Though of course, there's always those OTHER games I would be buying the system for, too, but this game would be the main reason probably. That and the fact I could buy Psychonauts a second time (In the case of the 360).
  7. I am looking forward to DeathSpank, Ron Gilbert's new game. Other than that, No More Heroes and Apollo Justice are major ones, as well as Professor Layton and of course Brawl. I am currently playing Zack and Wiki, Advance Wars, StarTropics, Contact, and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
  8. Does the Neverhood count? Most adventure game fans know of it, but when it comes to gamers in general, it's practically unknown. It has what is probably my favorite video game soundtrack, followed by Grim Fandango and Mother 3. Also, the art is amazing, and it's just good fun in general, even if it does involve a lot of note taking sometimes. I should probably pick up the sequel, Skullmonkeys, eventually.
  9. Yahtzee is great. I love those reviews, as well as his four John DeFoe games, especially Trilby's Notes. I should get around to playing those three text adventures he made for the series, as well as some of his other games, too...
  10. What we really need, however, is a series of Psychonauts radio dramas, complete with cheesy, dramatic chords for when something important happens. Though, admittedly, Psychonauts would be awesome in any medium if done right.
  11. Where do you stand on the issue of top hats? Yes, no, maybe? Do you think it is the epitome of fashion or a horrible disgrace to humanity? Discuss.
  13. I would totally have to disagree with you here. Didn't you know that in an interview which is real and that I have not made up, that Tim Schafer said there would be APPLES in the game? Not BANANAS. You can't have both. Thusly, all this information is false and I refuse to accept your points.
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