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  1. I think you should return the game and either a. get another game or b.get another cd of psychonauts
  2. i do not know the ranking i am on and neither do i know how to restore peace to us and the squirrels but maybe you could ask dogen.
  3. and also PLEASE NO TRIVIA QUESTIONS this is an advice booth not a game show.
  4. the reason i called this the psychonauts advice booth is because i wanted to offer help to anyone who needs help so if you need help go ahead and type your question.
  5. congratulations on your baby! and I agree it is cute. I hope you enjoy and treasure your good time with your baby :-)
  6. i think one of the psi powers should be cloning things.
  7. does anybody have any ideas about what should be in the store?
  8. andy446


    i loved psychonauts so much i would scream with joy if there was a second psychonauts!
  9. i thought that millas nightmare of dead children freaked me out. did anybody see that room?
  10. i quite hated the water also. p.s. thenks for all the posts
  11. p.s. please do not email me!!!!!!!
  12. after i defeated coach oleanders brain i went to the tank sneezed out my brain and started meat circus. defeating the butcher was so fun!is there any psychonauts fans who love meat circus?
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