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  1. Are you ready for this? Because when I thought of it it just about made me pee my pants with how awesome it is. Ready? Psychonauts...on 3DS. Think about it. Anybody who's played Rayman knows that the system's perfect for 3D platformers, it makes judging distances a breeze. And what 3D platformer has more awesome 3D effects than any other? Imagine Milkman Conspiracy in three dimensions. On top of that (while we're fantasizing), sales from a 3DS port could A) gauge interest in and B) partially fund a sequel. I think there are probably tons of people who never got a chance to try it but have been hearing about it for the past 6 years. And at the moment (until a 3D Mario title launches, at least) there are only a couple of must-have games for the system. Lack of competition could give it the sales boost it needs to be a huge hit. Anyway, just something I've been thinking a lot about lately, thought I'd share it with my fellow Psychonauts enthusiasts. I know I'd gladly put down $40 for that.
  2. Got one of those plasma lamps by sending in a order form off a Whispering Rock pamphlet the guy at EB gave me. Always wondered if it was really that rare. Still works great!
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