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  1. I'm Lee, and at present I'm an amateur video game reviewer. No, no, I don't do text clicky clacky reviews. They're video reviews. Although most of my reviews from the test season are crude and have little effort put into them, some of them are closer to what the real show will be, due out in January or late December. You better believe that I will be reviewing Psychonauts, but ONLY when I have enough subscribers. 1300 is not enough. I want this game to sell. SELL SELL SELL. It was easily the best game of the last generation. I have a lot of Psychonauts memorabilia, but I assume everyone else does as well. I have * XBOX version * PS2 version autographed by Tim Schafer and personalized by Richard Horvitz * PC version * Limited edition poster * Autographed official game poster * Official soundtrack autographed by Peter McConnell * The Original Cinematic Score (preordered this one.. and LATER they offered a autographed one! BASTARDS!) * Tannish-colored XL Raz shirt * Tye-Dye L Raz shirt * Play Magazine with Psychonauts cover and lengthy article I know, the version I got autorgraphed was the WORST ONE due to poor framerates and other quirks, but at the time, I only had the PS2 version because the ever-so-reliable XBOX broke down on me and the 360 didn't play Psychonauts back then. I'm still trying to get more items, such as early builds of the XBOX version, decks of cards, and a poster that Majesco gave to companies that was like 4 FEET by 7 FEET. Someone posted that image and offered to go get it for me, and then he renegged. What an ass! Even Double Fine told me that they didn't know it EXISTED, and was actually kind enough to call Majesco and get the information from them. If someone can find that poster, you would receive many treats. Psychonauts needs video reviews ramming it down people's throats to BUY THIS GAME. Thankfully, Zero Punctuation acomplished that, but I felt he did it a little too soon as he has a much higher viewership now. I'll wait until I either hit 10000 youtube subscribers or manage to somehow get an exclusive contract with a popular video game site (of which I prefer. I hate youtube and there total lack of respect for Fair Use laws)
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