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  1. guys guys i just got an email

    Go for it. She look very want of family creation.
  2. Mystery May

    If you keep clicking on things other than enemies, you can pause the game at any time with the space bar and then just click on the enemy like you meant to.
  3. Everybody get random!

    Do people really think that southern accents carry over to the southwest?
  4. it's real...IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!

    I used to live in Alamogordo and I had no idea people thought it wasn't real.
  5. Everybody get random!

    Evidence that Tingle is the one true evil of LoZ. In one of the DS games the identity of "Tingle" is like a demonic curse that afflicts innocent people and make them obsessed with rupees. Also don't forget all the skulls in cave he dug in Wind Waker.
  6. Everybody get random!

    OH FUCK YEAH, I'll be playing this over the weekend for sure.Yo, let me know your screen name and junk later. We can quest together and shit.Alright, will do I'm downloading the torrent file they gave out.
  7. Everybody get random!

    OH FUCK YEAH, I'll be playing this over the weekend for sure.
  8. Dude, he has water swords and water shurikens. What more do you need to know?
  9. Happy about girls thread

    The time between DK 64 and DKC: returns was 11 years."Always" is a bit of a stretch.
  10. Fred Phelps is dying!

    Hate for actions is very different than hate for merely existing. If his actions deserve hate then it is healthier to recognize that and fight against them in the future, than to forgive every terrible deed a person can do, throw your hands in the air and go "EEEHHHHHHH" every time and give free passes to actual evil deeds.
  11. Fred Phelps is dying!

    Responses like this confuse me. Are you not glad that a man can't spread his hate any more? The fact that it happened because of his death is only secondary. He is a terrible person, you can be glad that he stopped being a terrible person. Whether or not it was because he stopped breathing is irrelevant.
  12. Everybody get random!

    I can't imagine the community on WiiU to be very active at all. I would pass.
  13. I have been playing Dark Souls 2 quite a bit. The level designs are just as good as the first game. I also bought a copy of Radiant Historia and am going to start that later today hopefully.
  14. ambivalent about girls thread

    I think its amazing how far Double Helix have come from almost destroying a franchise to making two good games in a row for existing franchises. Also I can't begin to care about titanfall when I have so much Dark Souls to play.
  15. Wizard or Warlock for me. Kill shit with magic all day, everyday motherfucker.