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  1. My wife and I paid for the 30 tier. I want to share the experience of the game with my wife. My wife doesn't have Steam nor use it. Why does humblebunde only gives me steamkeys not other options to download?
  2. Xbox finally answered our questions about used games: Oh shit man! We got permission to play our own games! There goes Gamefly, Redbox, Gamestop, and Mom & Pop Video Game stores. This basically means PUBLISHERS control what I can do to my disks. Imagine what if Book Publishers did the same thing with books. I need to write a letter requesting permission to let my friend to borrow my dog-eared copy of "Game of Thrones?" http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/license Also confirmed: So that means leaving my Xbox home when I go adventuring in dail-up land when my wife & I goes house sitting. http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/connected
  3. You do know. That I wasn't serious and just playing with you all.
  4. Heretic! The Old Gods & the 7 are false. The Red Priestess confirmed that Stannis is the chosen of R'hllor. Beric Dondarrion was resurrected many times by R'hllor.
  5. The Mother of Dragons? Bah. Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn and he wields the Lightbringer!
  6. Now that the Starks are gone. Can we all support the true King?
  7. I just made it home an hour. Traffic is a bit busier now since everyone on I-5 has to go through the city. Right now people are just driving or walking to see the destruction. Good news. No one died. Just three non-serious injuries. This is what being reporting about the bridge. I just hope Washingtonians think again but lowing taxes or saying no to fund roads.
  8. That is due to fact that the XboxOne has THREE OS running at the same time.
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