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  1. Hey, guys. I come with one fanart that's only half-psychonauts-related, and one that is fully psychonauts-related. And stuff. [Freelance Psychonaut] Max with Psychic Powers would be the end of us all. Just imagine the havoc he could wreak within your own mind! Ooh, it's best not to think about it. [sasha Don't Play Dat Game] And a sketch I drew on a Christmas card. Linked to DA because I'm currently too lazy to upload them elsewhere. Eh. Enjoy, I suppose! ♥♥♥
  2. whats with all the metal discrimination?

    While I don't like metal music at all, I have firm belief that this game will be good. It's a really interesting world, with awesome design aspects, and I have faith that Mr. Schafer will deliver a totally awesome storyline and characters. In short, Brutal Legend will still be awesome, metal or not!
  3. Psychonauts playing cards.

    Answer: Hell yes we would.
  4. I'm seconding what was said about Earthbound and Pajama Sam. Earthbound is amazing and Pajama Sam remains really entertaining these days, I played Humongous games a lot as a kid Beyond Good & Evil is also absolutely fantastic. Haven't managed to finish it yet, but amazing nonetheless.
  5. Raz and Cruller skateboard

    That is beyond awesome. I like your style, as well!
  6. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Yeah, I don't post everything to DA for some reason. probably my laziness kicking in. Thank you, though! ♥♥
  7. anybody love meat circus?

    I really liked the atmopshere and art direction of The Meat Circus - it was all so surreal and awesome! Creeped me out at the time, but I have a certain fondness for it now. The level was indeed irritating, but challenging. I hate it when the end of a game is so easy; it was good for the last stretch of the game to be so hardcore awesome and hard to do. Overall: YES to Meat Circus.
  8. Heavy metal ?

    I really, really don't like metal music, but I am still most definitely giving the game a try. Tim Shafer can do no wrong and we all know it.
  9. Paper Collage Psychonauts fanart

    Those paper collages are awesome! I'd like to try doing one of those sometime, whoo! Awesome art!
  10. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Aw, thank you! Haha, I saw! Of course Milla wouldn't approve of something like that, tsk tsk.
  11. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Oh, thank you! (And YAY someone else who recognizes that piece! I loved Humongous Games...)
  12. hi there! im new to the board! have some arts.

    I haven't played Full Throttle yet, either. But this is fantastic! Looks great, awesome job *_*
  13. hi. new.

    Ooh! That is an awesome caricature, there! I love it!
  14. a tablet?

    I've used the same tablet for about a million years, and it has yet to let me down, the little trooper! ♥ I don't think I could survive without the darling thing, haha!

    That is fantastic! Great job!