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  1. Maybe that is what they meant. I do think the road crew are among the best. I'm not a great fan of the bakers or the waterers, for instance.
  2. So, I watched this, and...well...it's fun to watch, but a mixed bag as far as the playing goes. This is not a single segment, so there is constant saving when the player got a good time and loading after he did not. It's just so...contrived. Also, I don't understand why glitching is not considered cheating here. Sure it was "creative" to skip part of Black Velvetopia or the circus, but what that has to do with playing the game well or playing the game at all I couldn't tell you. One tip I got from walking around endlessly in Fred: You can walk in the water at the shallowest points (the edges of tiles). I notice this run has Raz going all the way to the orchard to get across the moat. Definitely a few seconds in there somewhere!
  3. Hmm...that does help explain Boyd somewhat. I think several points (such as the molotov bombs being made from milk bottles) are obscure. It makes enough sense, but I don't think the explanation is at all obvious. When Boyd is holding the "milk" in front of the asylum, Raz has nothing to say about it. The point I missed was that Oleander had preyed on Boyd's illness to make him do stuff. Apart from the vaults, there's just no explanation. So...that's better than complete nonsense.
  4. Hunter

    Journey to 100%

    Let's finish this thing. Thorney tower asylum: This one is great because of all of the brains. Pretty straightforward. Now that I am grabbing everything, I marvel at how...rushed I was the first time I played. I used the shield for the rats mostly. Being confused doesn't hurt as long as you don't move. After that I explored the camp to see what I could do with the campers after rescuing them. Not a whole lot, but I did try out the clairvoyance on them And of course Benny is nowhere to be found. I checked back in the lab...not there. Oh well. I found that the cougars can be killed with the levitation ball. Good. Punching them doesn't seem to work. Meat circus: I have to say, this went much better than I had expected. It wasn't nearly as difficult as Fred or Edgar (notwithstanding the figments I couldn't find). The first problem I ran into was the game stopped showing figments I collected. I don't know why. The other problem in the big tent is that you can't really focus on collecting stuff while Oleander is being attacked. So, as I have found, the thing to do is escort him out of the tent and then go through the place at your own pace. The first time I played Psychonauts, I couldn't jump from the second spinning wheel to the meat. You can't finish the game without getting to that meat, though. What happened was I somehow...appeared there after falling down. There are these various checkpoints that the game will place you in if you fall, and just after the second wheel is one such checkpoint. I have no idea how I got there, but that is what happened. A bug, if you will. This time, I found, unsurprisingly (I am really good at the game now...) I could jump there. You can't double jump off of a knife, but you can glide down after jumping from one. Therefore, to get to the platform, you want to jump not as close to the platform as possible, but more like very high, because gliding is efficient enough to get you there. So to just end this story here, I found getting to the top...simple. I did it at least five times, since the game always loads the meat circus with you standing outside the big tent. So, I saved and loaded after Oleander left, and my figment images returned. Lovely. I wasted several lives trying to get the last blue rabbit figment on the tunnel of love - there seem to be a few possibilities for that one. You won't grab it just sliding down; but you can jump on the knife thrower's meat platform. You might be able to glide down to it. That's not what worked for me, though. I ended up going back and forth on the rail (you can actually stop and turn around right near that figment). I think when you turn around right next to it, you can grab that figment. Then if you're like me, panic and lose an "astral projection layer," hehe. Or alternatively slide down. The tunnel of love is a lot of fun actually...you can slide down so fast that you don't have to jump the gaps near the end. The big top with Dad has nothing in it to collect. It went pretty well...the double jump on the netting is a little inconsistent. Also, to deal with him throwing crap at you on the ropes, move around until you stop swinging. If you stay in one spot, he can hit you. I forgot to use clairvoyance on the bosses. Nuts. So...here are some pictures. Highest possible rank achieved! Getting one more rank for no reason! You have to watch the movie/enjoy your accomplisment at the meat circus - well - I guess you can go to the collective unconscious, and therefore a different mental world if you like. So I got to 100%. There is one more odd thing. When I checked the memories list, it says I'm missing three videos. Somehow. Young Oleander is missing two videos and Thorney towers a third. What is that all about?
  5. I suppose the nightmares are a little inconsistent, but it is logical nonetheless. Some people have nightmares and other people are not so prone to them. I would say that every person had those creatures somewhere in their minds, but considering the scope of the game (which is not a formula in which you have to fight nightmares in every mind before you begin playing) and the uniqueness of every person's mind, we don't see them everywhere. In Milla, the nightmares are literal. In Edgar, the whole nightmare is this guy he obsessed over - but he appears as a person, rather than some ethereal beast. In Boyd the nightmares' appearance is linked to what you are doing in the conspiracy. You come up with your explanation - the game didn't need nightmares everywhere. Now as for the milkman, that is one of my main complaints with Psychonauts. I don't have many complaints with the game, so when I do complain, see it as nitpicking, out of love - I wouldn't even mention this stuff if the underlying game wasn't so much better than this one aspect of it. It doesn't really make any sense. What makes sense is that Boyd is paranoid and has, like the other asylum people, a split personality, this one as a milkman. The problem is, what the hell does that mean? Why does the milk explode? Who gave the milkman his instructions? Why does he "reincarnate?" I guess it's just supposed to be some light hearted joke about Boyd - he has this terrible conspiracy thing in his head complete with a "book depository," but the game doesn't get close to a serious psychotic fear, some violent tragedy of life. It's all cartoonish and abstracted and metaphorical. I wish the developers had given Boyd some more...I don't know, realistic role. A hitman or a politcal dissident or whatnot. A milkman, though? That is a disservice to an otherwise excellent parody.
  6. Most sequels do not go well. Oh, they might sell well - but as games they tend to be, at best, rehashings of the original work. So, I would only like a sequel if it could stand on its own as a game, but not part of some "series." See Deus Ex, or Mafia. The greater the game, the greater the chance that a sequel won't meet the standard of the original. That said, some sequels are genuine improvements or at least do the original releases honour. See Civilization, or Age of Empires. Note that these games have no story - they are simulations, whereas the prior two are story driven. I guess making a good sequel with a story is harder than just improving the game mechanics. I would have been interested in stacking, but, unfortunately, I categorically reject games which do not run on computers. That's just how I do business. (Id est, I don't have the money and room for console stuff)
  7. Hunter

    Journey to 100%

    Quality assurance: Ah. That means I'm missing a level somewhere. Like, Coach Oleander's punching game. Well, I went and got it for an extra level and several useless arrowheads (I find unfortunate that they are only needed briefly and then just sort of sit around). The first time I played this game, I found the game decent, but abandoned it before finishing. I got the impression the game went on forever for as many arrowheads as I desired. I was quick sick of whacking bad guys by that time. This time, interestingly, I found the process infinitely easier than staring at flourescent objects in Black Velvetopia...speaking of which: Black Velvetopia: This time I methodically ran around staring at odd angles and smashing objects which might distract me from the final figment. I couldn't smash those little green flag poles which look a bit like figments. I also had to endure those bright green balconies near the Spade part of the circuit (I have this whole awful place memorised now, perfectly) which also made me think I had somehow found the final figment a couple of times. I levitated around to look through those passages on the second and third floors of some buildings closed by bars. You can look through them, but they are totally empty and just decorative. I broke the whole map into sections and searched for the last figment. I then wrote down the section after searching it thoroughly and noted its orientation, north or south of the main alley. Here is what the list looks like. Check list for Black Velvetopia Yes, that's right...I FOUND IT. Of course, I found it in the very last place I looked in the very last area I could think of looking. After doing stupid things like carrying around the window painting in hopes I could put it somewhere new and get a last extra figment out of it. The last figment was able to hide because, as I supposed, it was small. Very small. It also hides behind netting. Basket ball netting. The last figment for me was hidden in there, in the sewer. I was thinking, I collected hundreds of arrow heads in the process of defending my search against the few censors and bombs which like to repeatedly spawn in the side alleys and sewer. It really couldn't have been in a less obvious, less convenient place. Sheesh! I feel both relieved and greatly offended that the game would, well, hold out on me this figment. Am I blaming the game now for my own failings? Hey, I didn't cheat. I agonized and then I found the damn thing. I never get 100% in games...but this is the most excellent game PSYCHONAUTS, so it must be different. FashionistState: That would most definitely be cheating. I actually spent all this time making these methodical arrangements before I asked someone for a clue using the row, et cetera of where the wayward figment was hiding. Thanks, though. Coming next is the asylum tower and of course, that much beloved area, which, contrary to my recollection, has figments, (I was probably just completely ignoring them during my first play through) the meat circus.
  8. Hunter

    Journey to 100%

    So, I have a few more things to report on the 100% play through. Brain tumbler experiment: Really simple, but since the first play through is always disjointed by the monster and levitation interruptions, I managed to miss a couple of things here. In the bath tub. A pleasure to play. Sasha's shooting gallery: So, I went back to get my goods here. Some figments and a safe (!) were missing. The safe I expected, would be on some random side of the cube when one scene was active. I think both of the safes here do that - I am not sure. Of course, the figments are on these random platforms which only seem accessible with levitation. Took a while to get it all, but it didn't take so long. Black velvetopia: Black velvetopia and I are having issues. This is a tall area to explore. There is the sewer, then the alleys and streets, then the "first floor" including the garden and various platforms, and of course the high up surfaces, roofs, balconies and such. On my first attempt, I ended up with all I needed (including, fortunately that impossible looking web which is accessed through the matador's apartment)...but three figments. Ah, that is how it works every time. The first one may have been that bird which likes to fly around the matador's window. It flies all over the place, and through a lot of walls. The bull also likes to block your path, but a little perserverance helps. I did not really want to "kill" the mind by completing the mission, which also removes El Odio, if it could be helped. I don't like the empty ambiance of minds you have already been through. The second one, which I hope you, FashionistState, are referring to, was a cat who sits right next to some upgrade on a very high ledge. (The upgrade, I guess, along with the second one out of the matador's "fire escape" only appears after you help him paint his advertisement) That leaves the last figment. Yeeees. Where is it? I ask myself again and again. I've been in the sewers at least six times, the apartment is clean, the room bare, the garden empty. The starting alley has nothing. I have stared into the sky looking for clotheslines for hours, and jumped from one top balcony to the next. When standing on some top balconies, you can see past the walls and some distant parts of the mind. No figments, though! I'm not sure what to do... I have though, learned about the roses and the windows. It's a useless thing to know without El Odio - in fact it's pretty useless anyway. I did try "visiting" all the women to see if that might help me with my figment - why would it? I'm out of ideas. I do have the two from the window painting. Right now I'm torn between writing down every sub section (collie alley, bernard alley, dalmatian alley, sewers, dead end 1, dead end 2...) and sort of try to eliminate areas the last figment could be in. That sounds like a vain waste of time - I've seen these places; they hold no figments, and soliciting "hints." Hmmm. I guess general hints won't harm my self esteem! Oh, I am totally not going to waltz on until I get that figment. Edgar!! Milla's dance party: I had some difficulty with one of the very last ones in the "party room." That whole room is very hard to get around. Generally, I used either the top of speakers or door frames to get to the top of the room. Then, standing on the very edge of the floating platforms helped me grab the last figments therein. It's not too bad though, since you know where the figment is. Currently at level 91.
  9. Well, I'm doing a play through. The theme as it were is to get every thing (easter eggs not included). The forum is slow, so I thought I would make comments on the process! There are a few spoilers, so obviously do not read through this or offer that information if you haven't found it yet. Camp: Psi cards/markers were fairly easy to find. The hardest items to get were the scavenger hunt items. I think it's sort of silly to promote a scavenger hunt with such well hidden items. And then of course, contrary to official camp policy, one of the items isn't even at the camp, but at the insane asylum. (Yeah, I know, "it's a game" and I take that into my considerations) By far the longest time I needed to get an item was the miner's skull. FINDING it was easy. Extracting it was really hard. The puzzle looks and is quite simple - the skull is in a geyser, adjacent to a second geyser. I tried standing on the other geyser. I tried "plugging it" with the levitation ball. I tried pounding &c. the other geyser. That's when I began an exhaustive search for a rock to telekinetically place on the other geyser. Numerous such rocks are present in the "camp fire" part of camp around the swamp. Well, in spite of the river, there are 0 such rocks near the GPC. (The solution apparently was to stand on the geyser in the right spot for several seconds). Other than that, I found the camp collections fairly routine. Basic braining: I managed to get through this one sans one figment. That was too bad - the first time I played, I got all figments here, so I was not expecting trouble. Well, of course I had to do the "battle ship rails" part a few times to get all the figments, but I figured out you can punch the obstacles on the rails - duh! The last figment was on a pole I was jumping past, pretty soon after the first figment's location. It did take me a few play throughs to find, but all in all, not a difficult course. Sasha's shooting gallery: No problems, for the most part. Actually, now that I think of it, I don't think I completed this area - there are bits which require levitation, which I did not have when I was going through here. Hmm, I know what I am going to do next! Milla's dance party: Oh god. Ohhhh god no. MOST of this area is simple enough, pleasant, fun too. Unfortunately, there are figments on the damn race track. They aren't in a row, either. They're spread all over in random places. Of course, due to how figments are rendered, you can't see them from about 20 yards, even if you're looking right at them. The race track is big enough that you can miss figments that way. So, after two races, in which I more or less raced through, I had a few figments left. I spent a third "roll through" grabbing them, most of which were in that tube you can take off the main course. Leaving...one figment. Damn damn damn. Well, to make a long story short, after numerous searches, I ended up WALKING through the whole race, stopping, checking behind giant shoes, looking in various angles, going in and out of first person, until I blundered into the last figment - a green star. Pure torture, that. Lungfishopolis: No problems. Of course, levitation is disabled here, but I was fairly surprised at how well I collected all the stuff here. Just take it slowly and the whole thing is a breeze. The milkman conspiracy: I thought this one would be really hard. It was really...rigourous, I guess, with all those figments on roofs and in living room corners. Again, simpler than I expected. Then at the very end I went through a panic phase of "I must have missed a house" before realising that 1) the last things to collect are on the "playground island" and 2) you can't get to the "playground island" until you leave the area and progress first. That is fine for me, but woe betide any one trying to do this who has not played before, assuming the phone is somewhere they missed - is that wrong? Simple after that. Gloria's theater: I thought this one would be hell with the scene changes. It actually went just about perfectly. Considering the scenario, a really straightforward collection. Once you grab the theater stuff, everything is in the scenes. Waterloo world: Now, I sort of expected trouble here...for instance, while Milla (excusing that race track crap) has a linear mind that is easy to keep track of, Fred has this fairly massive countryside in which to conceal figments mostly. Most of Fred is not an issue though. Figments, safes, webs are where you expect them to be - scattered around where you need to go, and various places you can jump to. There are several irritatingly out of reach figments, but if you know how to use your levitation, they don't take more than a few minutes to grab. As expected, Fred has a massive number of figments - some 230 something. 234? Well, any way, I did my standard sweep, and found I was missing three figments. Damn damn damn! That is bad, because of the huge area, the figments scattered in the air in places you might not look (although when you load the game they are usually in rows and easy to spot), and of course the "figment draw distance" thing. For what it's worth, figment colours can also blend in at times. They flash in and out of contrast. Yeah, sure, they're metaphorically wonderful, but so hard to see at times. Figments don't rotate with you either, which makes sense, but also makes figments invisible at a 90 degree viewing angle. So, back to Waterloo. One was a duck wearing some officer's hat on the "ornamental bridge" that I managed to miss, in spite of spending quite a bit of time at that bridge. One was the plant which appears in the "paradoxical window" (Fred imagines himself playing a game with Napoleon, in which he imagines himself playing a game with Napoleon). And the last? Who knows?! I spent a couple of hours staring into the sky, circling around buildings, smashing random boxes, whacking orchard trees - the place was clean. Well, I reasoned, (as I had during my Milla ordeal) that makes sense, because in almost every case, there are no figments - only one is left and there is a huge area to cover. Well, I was finding absolutely nothing. So I loaded an older saved game and collected all the figments, hoping one of the ones I collected would cue me to the one I had missed. I ended up with ...one missing, the exact same count. Damn! So I decided to do Fred all over again, and after going through about 95% of the figments, checked the guide. Sadly, the same figment was missing. So I figured I might as well use the "complete save" and like Milla, walk through the whole damn area, one hexagon at a time. In Fred's case, there is a "playing area" where one can move the pieces and details are afforded the scene, and a "structural area" including the walls of the game and blank tiles out of the game's bounds. I knew there were a few figments placed on the margins of the "playing area" but I did not suspect one way off course. If you've done a 100% game, you probably know what I am talking about already. After an exhaustive tour of the orchard and local peasant's house, and surrounding sky, I thought I would check the margins of the fences a bit. Nothing. Then I began to move on, running a bit away from the game area to get past the "half bridge." Ran into Page 3, row 3, figment 4: God damned fairy in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, sort of hidden behind a tree. No other figment is remotely as far away. I was looking for a dead guy, or (especially) a bird with an officer's hat. I feel...taken advantage of. Black velvetopia et alia will come later - haven't done them yet, although I hear Black velvetopia has a mean reputation with the figments. I didn't hear that about Waterloo world... (I forgot the brain tumbler experiment - later as well)
  10. The pages are back up. (Such as http://www.myspace.com/13765283 ) The comments are still gone though, which is too bad, since some pages consisted mostly of comments from the other campers.
  11. I reinstalled and it works now. Thanks for your help.
  12. Hello hello, I need some guidance here. When I get the clairvoyance power, it's...well...here is how it works: If I happen to try to use clairvoyance on a character I am required to use it on to proceed, it works as expected. If I use it on any other character or "actor," it vanishes. Campers - gone. Enemies - poof! This is a bit of a drag of course. (FYI it vanishes any actor you can focus on) What I have learned is that apparently not everyone has this issue...and that it very likely only occurs with version 1.04. Now, I might be interested in trying 1.03's stability out, except I am having some trouble finding that file. I would really prefer to just get 1.04 working properly. I've tried new games...no luck. Any ideas?
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