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  1. My number one request would be jumping into the mind of a Crazy Cat Lady. That's number one, before anything else. Climbable scratching posts. Those little springs with the floofy balls on top, that you can pull back on and use to fling yourself across wide spaces. Using your thought bubble to ride the stench of an unchanged litter box up, up, up... while Raz let's it be known how he feels about the smell. We could go Indiana Jones for a minute if we wanted. You know those big round tubes that have a ball in them and the cat swats at them from outside, and they go round and round and round and ro-... you get the point. Level should introduce free aiming for telekinesis (could be introduced sooner), rather than always having lock-on. Imagine the Crazy Cat Lady, perched up high in her scratching post fort. She commands her kitty cat minions below to attack. A big cat barrels down on you... you assume the stance to fire, and switch to manual aim. The spot you're aimed at is marked with a small glowing red light, much like those laser pointers that cats love, ever so much. The cat spots it. Rather than firing at the beast, you use the marker to have it ram the fort, eventually knocking our Crazy Cat Lady down where you can reach her. Lower on the list, I liked the Psychonauts reference in Alice: Madness Returns, so maybe a nod back that way. Not like we need to jump into Alice's head, but I'm sure they could come up with something suitable.
  2. My apologies, didn't think to check the Off Topic side of the forums. The first thing I thought of was Brütal Legend, so this is where I thought it would have popped up. Anybody who comes along with the power, feel free to lock.
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100516/ap_en_mu/us_obit_ronnie_james_dio ... I just flashed back to when Brütal Legend's first trailer leaked to the interwebs.
  4. ... that after a certain point in the game, you can attack the Tour Bus between missions? It will appear to take damage, and briefly disappear. Slightly funny, park The Deuce where the Tour Bus' door will be, and when it reappears on top of you, you can make it look like your jumping out of the Bus. ... there's more than one way to use The Deuce's weapons? Sure, the easy way is (using Xbox 360 for this example) hitting A for Primary Weapons, and X for Secondary Weapons, but there's another option. Hold down A: Primary Weapon begins to fire. Continue holding down A for the remainder. Now push down X as well: Secondary Weapon takes over. Release X: No weapon is firing. Push down X again: Primary Weapon begins to fire. Basically, hold down A, and each time you press X it will cycle through your Primary and Secondary Weapons. I find myself using this method, even though it's probably more trouble than just tapping A or X. (It also works opposite style, hold down X and cycle with A.)
  5. ... I love you so much! Brütal Legend w/ Record Sleeve and Rock Band Track Pack + $10 Gift Card w/ Reward Zone Coupon... $60 - 10% Off Coupon received prior to release... $54 - $10 Gift Certificate received prior to release... $44 - $10 Price Match with this week's Target ad... $34 My head a'splode!
  6. Sweet, free DLC for PS3!!! ... * Will still buy 360 DLC regardless *.
  7. ... did not. Seriously, I looked for it, but all was for naught.
  8. I agree that the game needs more than one save file. Just finished the game this morning (PS3), want to play again... but if I do, I lose everything. (Of course, I could play that 360 version I bought... ) Also agree that previously viewed Legends shouldn't be such a pain to rewatch... cut scenes to for that matter. Other than that, I'm completely satisfied with the game.
  9. My favorite part so far was in the mines, after the Headbangers take out that first Bouncer. "That's for killing Charlie, you bastard... " ... it's funny enough as is. Then you free the rest of the Headbangers... "Charlie, what are you doing here?... I thought you were dead man!" ... I just thought it was great that they came back to that.
  10. Oddly, I have somewhat of an empty feeling now that I'm no longer waiting.
  11. banballow


    Let me see... I got no sleep last night, because I was to excited about today... so, as late as I want.
  12. Click in the left stick, like you're using Turbo in The Deuce. I had problems figuring this out as well at first.
  13. You mean you reserved it, like way back when Sierra announced it? If so, the order would have been cancelled during the period prior to EA picking the game up. I had the same thing happen, but I caught it in plenty of time.
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