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  1. Hey everybody at DF, I recently noticed that the Game Developer's Conference is coming up soon! Since it's going to be in your neck 'o the woods i was wondering is anyone from the Double Fine team was going to make an appearance, talk at discussions, or what have you. As always, keep up the good work and hope to see some of you there.
  2. Definitely want to work for the game industry. I'm actually attending a "video game" college (Art Institute of Orange County) just so i can get closer to that goal. Topic aside, i had a question for anyone at the Double Fine team. I'm currently working on the final for my Survey of the Game Industry and i need to do a short interview with someone working or previously working at a game company. If anyone could get back to me I'd greatly appreciate it (and sorry about asking for this on your forums, didn't know how else to besides driving up to San Francisco). In addition, I'd be willing to buy a "butt-load" of T shirts, pending on how much that measurement comes to in shirt form.
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