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  1. Your first adventure game?

    I watched one of my older cousins play Monkey Island 2 when I was a kid but the first one I actually played myself...? CMI I guess? I'm not totally sure as my school had a bunch of the Humongous Entertainment games when I was in the later grades there and on rainy days we'd all goof off and play them at recess.
  2. Thanks everybody!

    Yay! Excitement! I'm pleasantly surprised to see I used the same e-mail here that I did on Kickstarter. I thought I changed e-mails since then, ha ha. The the adventuring begin!
  3. Psychonauts doesn't launch after update (PC)

    I got this as well and found a salutation. I tried to launch the game from it's folder and it told me it couldn't find "d3dx9_43.dll" I downloaded it from the net and dropped it into my Psychonauts folder and the game works =)
  4. Check out Double Fine's new XBLA game... Trenched!!!

    Looks really cool but I don't have an XBox 360. Sorry guys, two DF games I'll be missing out on now =C
  5. 360 Only?

    You and I are in the same boat Milkman. I hate missing out on a Double Fine game but I'm not going to buy a console for one game ether, never again (I'm looking at you Mr Wii.)
  6. Costume Quest art!

    Thank you =) I had the idea for the longest time but Tasha's call to arms for fanart got it out on paper.
  7. Costume Quest art!

    Costume Quest is excellent, we all agree on that, so it should brake all of your hearts that there isn't much fanart for it. Tasha asked for it on the DFAC test so lets make it so! I'll get the ball rolling with this pic I did awhile ago but didn't post here: Scary Witch I actually just gave this drawing to one of my little second cousins who was at our family Christmas party tonight. I let her pick out some of my old art and she liked this one, hope her mom picks up CQ for her =D And this is the Psychonauts/Costume Quest crossover pic I promised on the other thread: It's time to Trick-or-Treat! In this nice... normal... neighborhood...! Okay! So lets see some more awesome Costume Quest art you guys!
  8. Double Fine ActionCast Mailbag

    Oh, I have a question too! If Psychonauts was being made now would today's technology be advanced enough to handle animating D’Artagan's hat? If so would Raz have never existed, and would Dart be voiced by Richard Horvitz?
  9. Double Fine ActionCast Mailbag

    I've already done Costume Quest fanart, but didn't post it here. But both Tim and Tasha have seen it (or pretended to see it when replying to my tweets) But if the need is high I guess I could put the Costume Quest/Psychonauts crossover pic idea in to motion. I must go back into the shadows now. *lurk*
  10. OMG!

    Oh thank god, I am not the only one who finds skeletons sexy. You are talking to someone who totally had a fetish for Jack Skellington for YEARS, and he recently appeared in a dream last night 8UBut yeah, you know that ghost pirate from the first game that LeChuck talks to often in cutscenes? He is adorable and I want to draw him now and his voice is awesome ((SPOILER: )) His name is Bob, and you're right, he is sexy. Well at least he is now, I never really cared for him much before. Rob Paulsen's voice does him wonders =)
  11. Ye Olde DF Shoppe ideas!

    Little late but... How about a Rubik's Cube of Sasha's mind? Say from here: Cubes.aspx
  12. Ye Olde DF Shoppe ideas!

    The merit badges, oh my god I want them. Also shirts with Sasha, or the Drowning Doom emblem are golden =D
  13. In Psychonauts 2?(If there will be one)

    You need a hug right now, soon the masses of the DFAF will destroy you... =\ If there was a Psychonauts 2 I'm sure they would get Mr Horvitz back. I don't think there's any reason he wouldn't be back as he made appearances in Brutal Legend
  14. Psychonauts, but MI2 is my second fave game.
  15. Do You Think Nils and Elka are a good couple?

    Their both jerks, for now they belong together. But I think Nils will grow out of that phase eventually (Or he'll grow up to be Barney Stinson and be awesome) and find someone better. Or he can just be with the squirrel, he already has it's.... acorn >___> My fave Psychonauts couples (other then RazxLili and SashaxMila) are CholexBobby and MilkaxElton. I have a real soft spot for Milka after reading her MySpace, and her bulletin board message for Lili is hilarious.