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  1. Fallout. It eats up all of my free time. I love it so much.
  2. Honestly, it feels like they're just saying that because it's not Madden 90210 or Sims 98 or something.
  3. I personally noticed that if you look at one of the slides in the 'Edgar's Lament' memory (the one of Edgar under another wrestler, staring at the two making out on the bench) it has a worn look to it in comparison with the other slides, probably implying that that particular memory has been viewed by Edgar numerous times. Also, using the Bacon while near Cruller in camp (say, Capt. Cruller at the beach) will invoke a conversation between Raz and Cruller about the paradox.
  4. T-Shirt Suggestions

    What this guy said. Everything about it exudes awesome.
  5. Crash problems?

    Heh, just buy the genuine copy and praise Double Fine. New idea: the Double Fine Action Cult! Sacrificial rituals to the 2 headed baby and Tim are held daily.
  6. Crash problems?

    Alrighty, thanks for the help. (Also, this just in: I hate Gametap! A lot!)
  7. Crash problems?

    I downloaded Psychonauts from Gametap, and for a day or so it was fine until the game started crashing because 'Network drives X: and Y: must not be mapped'. What does that mean? Although, before this started happening, the cutscenes started being incredibly unwieldy- they would stop and jitter through the scene, and the audio would do the same thing.
  8. My sister still insists it's all a hoax.

    Urrgghh. Even though that last post was all a lie, it made me shiver nonetheless. Psychonauts turning into every single Final Fantasy game ever made (and that's a lot)? That could give children nightmares.
  9. My sister still insists it's all a hoax.

    Indeed. After they reveal that Brutal Legend is a hoax, they're going to reveal that they were actually creating genetically enhanced animals- flying pigs, flaming hamsters, etc.
  10. I'm aspiring to work in the video game industry, yes. Don't know what exactly (designer, programmer, etc.) but I plan to do something of the sort. I mean, come on. It's video games, for Pete's sake. Who wouldn't want to make video games (besides those jocks in the gym under the illusion that every one of them is going to make it to the NFL)?
  11. Psychonauts is free! (Until December 31...)

    I don't know. You know how much the angels of rock and roll charge for delivery from the heavens? Totally not worth it if you ask me.
  12. That's pretty much what I was saying- either it would be just a visual change or a gameplay change. I would prefer a visual change thing, but I was just covering my bases.
  13. I think being able to choose what model of guitar you could have would be awesome. Either that, or switching guitars while you play that allow you to rock harder, and thus do more damage.