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  1. Yup, model figurines would be great. American McGee created his model figurines out of a heavy plastic from his Alice games, although they are too big to put on my desk, and he came out with figurines from his unfinished Wizard of Oz game, which I did buy and now they're collectibles. Pixar and Disney make their model figurines from their films, out of a lighter plastic. The color is always excellent on both types and lasts as long as you don't teethe on them. You could also make a model figurine of a cash cow, too, and that would be an "inside joke" metaphor symbolic model figurine. And I would buy at least one of those too, having been part of that forum thread that first discussed it, and I would love it and would give it a special corner on my desk.
  2. Thanks Masquerade, and Chief Wakamakamu, you crack me up.
  3. Hi all, I was just wondering about a coupla things; I was looking at a teaser for Insecticide and the artwork reminded me a bit of Psychonauts, and I was wondering if Tim/DF was part of the Insecticide project for the DS? A few clues seem to suggest that but I'm probably wrong. And another question regarding Psychonauts; if Tim and DF do come out with Psychonauts II, could Tim and his marketing team PLEASE make plastic action figures of Raz and all the main characters so that I can buy them and keep them on my desk at work? Also, a diorama of the sleep-away camp would be great to purchase also so that the action figures can play in the camp on my desk, like they did in Psychonauts, with flowers and grass. It would be like the Liddle Kiddles dioramas I had when I was a little girl. I would love if I could have Psychonauts Action Figures! I loved Raz, I loved his voice, I loved his innocence, and I loved everything about the game although I couldn't finish it because I found the ending too hard. Regardless, when I first played Psychonauts, it was on my XBOX, so now, I've bought the game for the PC, which I intend to play again when I am done playing Hotel Dusk, Return to Mysterious Island, Plant Tycoon, and Baldurs Gate II. Thanks!
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