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  1. I figured that it would make sense to put all of the bug reports in one place. -Earthshaker hotkeys don't appear during tutorial. -First boss's scream makes no noise during its intro cutscene. -Strange animation ghosting when Ophelia and Eddie launch out of the rubble pile. -After escaping the crumbling bridge, the game no longer responds to input and effectively prevents the player from continuing the game. Relaunching does nothing.
  2. It's impossible. Canada does not have any Double Fine zones we have this thing? It's called FREEDOM. I am just joking seriously though what do you mean?
  3. Just for the sake of trying, set your 360's resolution to 720p and see if it still occurs.
  4. I can't speak for anyone but myself, obviously, but it seems that Tim Schafer and Double Fine do not want the game to labeled an RTS because that is simply not telling the entire story of what the game is. It does definitely have RTS elements, but it's juxtaposition of a bunch of genres. When something is labled an RTS, people immediately think of Starcraft or Command & Conquer; you have a bird's eye view of the battlefield, you manage your resources and troops, and there's a lot of micro-management. Brutal Legend borrows some of those elements, since you do order the general direction of your troops, control unit production, and maintain control of fan geysers. However, most of your time is spent actually battling with your avatar. RTS implies that the gameplay is not very involved or personal, and that's not the case. It's an action-strategy game or something.
  5. EA is almost certainly entirely responsible for this.
  6. If you have the 360 version, you can create a US XBL account and enter it in. Worked for me.
  7. Canada didn't get the demo or pre-order bonus, either. These things just happen!
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