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    I'm Abby Polaris' best friend irl! So nothing I say or do is actually making fun of her!
  1. You're still learning, so I won't be critical. First of all, I really like the grass. Is it a brush you found or did you make it yourself? And the shadows you did are superb! Your lines are very clean and the coloring is very tidy. The metallic effects are also very, very nice. Now, although this is good, I have to say that it's very empty. The subject matter doesn't take up enough space and leaves the background and foreground very void. It needs more substance. Try adding some shrubs, trees, even flowers would make it less plain(no pun intended). And, when I look at the panther, the tail has a shadow directly connected to it. That makes that area of the picture very flat compared to other spaces. I would suggest moving the tail's shadow an inch or 2 to the right then 2 inches down. It will help give the picture some dimension. Eddie's head looks slightly slanted, but that's easy to fix. I'm not sure if you want Eddie's proportions to be realistic, but in case you don't, I feel it adds to the cartoony vibe I get. Very well done! I hope to see more from you in the future.
  2. This is just a picture fight between me and Abby! This is NOT serious, I repeat, NOT SERIOUS.
  3. All memes aside, I'm pleasantly surprised! Not gonna lie, I was pretty downright pessimistic about the chances of a sequel. I'm glad to see there's some possibility!
  4. Ohmygoditstoobigwhatisthis EDIT: Fixed it.
  5. I know. I admitted to everyone that I'm the bad guy on this site. What happened to that "1-month hiatus"? Get out. Well, I changed my mind. I'm going to ask an admin to perma-ban me from this site. It will make everyone happy. Thats the first thing you've done right. I support this. User Hewgh likes this post. thumbsup.jpg
  6. I know. I admitted to everyone that I'm the bad guy on this site. What happened to that "1-month hiatus"? Get out.
  7. It was a miscommunication. Connection on the IRC was interrupted and anything said wasn't being sent to the channel. It works now, though.
  8. You can't ban me from karaoke. I'll find a way to get my revenge. WELP. This is getting incredibly out of control and here are my 2 cents. You are incredibly odd. You are incredibly tedious company. You're loud. You're obnoxious. You're melodramatic. Please, learn how to behave on the internet. Just because somebody doesn't know you personally doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to them. Grow up, epic brutal. Maybe then you'll get some respect and maybe you'll get some friends. Oh, and I'm looking forward to being reported. We'll see how far it goes. Come at me, bro.
  9. In character: Guys!!!! Get the hell in here!!! 2000's night is going on!!! WTF!!! >:U
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