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  1. lol. Thanks! Yeah Arrested Development was a fantastic show!
  2. I'm a sound designer with EA that's worked on games for quite a few years and I've been a gamer my whole life and this game is just what i needed to refresh my faith that games can still be amazingly fun and outstandingly creative, Thank you!! This game was nostalgically awesome on so many levels. The sound design and music were fun beyond measure, the art was fantastically cute, the game play was totally sweet, and it's cute story made this game in my opinion a game truly deserving of XBLA game of the year! I seriously can't say enough good things about this game! Games today in my opinion have become so overly complicated, and focused on things like Uber realism and graphics to the point that i feel they've lost touch with the basic core elements that make a game great! And this proves that with a great idea, some creativity, and some great humor you can make a fantastic game. Here's my constructive criticism part, the DLC to me didn't have the same Nostalgic feel as the original game. The reasons being for me were because it was no longer Halloween and there were snowy patches but yet you were still trick or treating some how, and it just felt off to me. As well as now it was day time instead of night which took away even more of the nostalgic feeling of trick or treating. It was still fun and i enjoyed the new costumes and battles, but i just missed the night time Halloween feel. There was just something about the colors of the first part, with the lit up windows of the houses, and glowing pumpkins, and the sweet ambiance of the neighborhood that really made me feel like a kid again. I would LOVE another costume quest, and would absolutely buy it and recommend it to my friends, which i did here at my work and got several to play and love it too. Thanks again Double fine, for yet another awesome game!
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