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  1. What's going to happen with this game

    Nothing is announced for new content but I've watched a few interviews and they said it makes sense for this game to have DLC. Also the other 2 games Double Fine just made have had DLC so there's a good chance
  2. Do you feel ripped off not having a New Game + mode?

    I think it was worth the $15, I can play the missions a lot of times. Only thing I think would have been good is if they made a hard mode so I can play the Europe maps without just deploying and spamming the king and a Gungnir.
  3. Your favorite Trench setup

    I don't know all the names, but Engineering body Scythe, Razor of the Gods Flak Turret Mortar Turret Shock Mine Layer Shotgun Turret And switch between Quickload/Fortify and Sprint legs. When I go Heavy weapons though I always use the Experimental Device. I haven't seen any people use it but it looks awesome and shoots this cool red lightning balls that when it lands electrifies anything near it for like 10 seconds (it's not the shock effect, they get like red lightning on them). Its super effective on swarms of Knobs too, they just fry up when they pass it. P.S: Look at all the pretty colours I used for above
  4. Getting stuck >.<

    Wondering how many people have gotten stuck in little holes or between rocks before and couldn't get out =P I got stuck about 3 times today (twice in the same spot =D) because I can't sit still for a little while =P I think the second time everyone just put turrets around me because I was the engineering chasis and could upgrade them.
  5. I did find an interesting modifier closer to the bottom of the list of weapons. I think it's the only one with it aswell. It's an Explosive Shotgun (forgot what it's called but I'm going on in a bit). It doesn't shoot bullets though it looks like it shoots those mines that the mine layers drop. Pretty sure it did about 15-30 damage though so it wasn't very effective in a higher up mission. ---- Edit: B0-7T5 - "Rosie" Damage 13.7 Range 50 Fire Rate 20 1 slot Explosive
  6. Patch Notes?

    Yeah it's incredibly less laggy now.
  7. When should I Shotgun Turrets?

    Thanks guys.
  8. When should I Shotgun Turrets?

    I feel like the machine gun turrets do a lot more damage, but just wondering if it's good to have one at the base incase someone gets through. Or if they actually do a lot of damage. And also, are the Speedy Biped Legs faster than Explosive sprint ones or the Fortify++ ones reload just as fast as Fortify/Quickload. Thanks
  9. Survival mode wish

    I'd love this. I hate it when I just make my turrets to level 3 and we get Victory. I want to see them get mown down.
  10. More Emplacment DLC

    I like the support emplacements the most <3 What about one that boosts the range on emplacements and weapons. I hate it when I have like a sniper turret and it can't see the one little spot it could >.< I don't have the scrap to make a new one and I want to make it level two! I like the idea of the turrets having abilities. I'd want a shredder mine layer. There'd be mountains of scrap!
  11. Voted for the more more content (emplacements, weapons etc.) but still a rank higher than 10 would be cool like 50 or 100. Just so there is something to work towards and see something new after a mission
  12. Australia/NZ/Pacific players?

    I'd love to play with some more Aussies and close. My games haven't been too laggy (I get dropped from them if they are) but when I do have a clean game I can't help but feel that the people on the other end have it a lot more worse than I have had it GT: Snappyguy I like fun games more, not really into grinding for the gold medals though .
  13. After the GB quick look i have a suggestion!

    Yeah would be good if you find out your teammates changed to offensive ones at the last second and you don't have time to switch over. Or just so I can have a red mech when I'm in a bad mood