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  1. Possible Port to PC?

    Thanks for the quote "hot", I appreciate the info. Also, you are absolutely correct that support costs for PC are much higher than for console games. I used to do technical support for EA, and 90% of our calls were for PC games. 80% of those calls were people trying to get a game to work on a system that doesn't meet the minimum requirements or who had not updated their video card drivers or their operating system in years. 10% were "known issues" we could help with other than telling the people that the developers are aware of a "known issue" (read that as bug). The other 10% were logging in or acquiring DLC issues, which a Microsoft Game Studios game would have more of due to Windows Live being poorly supported and buggy.
  2. Possible Port to PC?

    At least the spambots don't ignore me. I'll always have you spambot. *scrawls "ultimateliving <3 bean" on his Trapper Keeper*
  3. I have been a huge fan of Double Fine since Psychonauts and a fan of Tim Schafer from way back when I was a kid (though I didn't know who he was at the time, his games made me laugh and continue to do so). You did another great job with Costume Quest. It's a fun little game that is the exact length it should be for it's uncomplicated gameplay. Anyway, I wanted to pile on my kudos to these. Thanks for another really fun game.
  4. Possible Port to PC?

    After my last Xbox 360 died (this would be the 4th dead one, but it finally died outside of the RRoD warranty), I decided to switch to the PS3 to see the games I missed on that system since I needed to buy a new system (or have the 360 repaired for a cost and then probably die again). I'm guessing a PS3 port is out of the question given that Microsoft Game Studios is your publisher this time, but I'm wondering if there is any chance you will port it to the PC? After the quick look on Giant Bomb, I'm extremely excited about this game (especially the multiplayer as my brother and I live in different states but love gaming together). I know a PC port means creating a whole new UI to map controls to the keyboard and mouse when the player isn't using a gamepad, so I'm guessing if you do this it won't be coming out soon anyway. Also, I did a search on "PS3 port" and "PC port" before asking this, so either the search does not work well or no one has asked this question before (which I find strange).