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  1. Thanks for the info. So each person controls a hero avatar? So there are like 4 Eddies if you play with Ironheade?
  2. I know that it can be up to 4 vs 4, but how does it work? Does each person get to control a hero character or is there just one per team? I'm assuming that all the players on each team share fans? Another big question I have is can you take friends into matchmaking?
  3. Interesting. I heard on the Giant Bomb podcast that they supposedly asked and were told that the hands belong to Jack Black. You do present some strong evidence though.
  4. I saw it during Monday Night Football yesterday and was amused by the absurdity of it. Any publicity is good for the game and I think the lyrics are supposed to be intentionally corny and over the top.
  5. I'm intrigued by the Drowning Doom since they're different in that you have to work on weakening your enemy to have a shot. I'd love to get good with them since they're so unique - and I love the art style!
  6. I don't really have any problem with the name Brutal Legend, if that's indeed the name. I'm just interested in the game, which I'm sure will be great. I don't think the name matters much if there's enough marketing muscle behind it, and if MS is involved, there should be (as long as they don't stupidly bail, like they did for Psychonauts).
  7. Scott's is definitely by favorite, although I did enjoy Nathan's when he had the story going strong. I also liked Epic Saga, but alas it ended in a whimper.
  8. So it's not Psychonauts 2 then or anything based on anything he's done before - not that it seemed like it would be, but there is the confirmation anyways.
  9. Yup, going to have to go with Grim Fandango as well.
  10. I'm thinking UMD - it IS the hot new format you know.
  11. Whatever it is, please, please, please make one of the release platforms be the XBox 360!
  12. The new site looks great! I was crushed when my link to the news page didn't work and then pleasantly surprised to see all of the fantastic changes! Off to go read some more about Rock and Roll Heaven ;-)
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