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  1. I loves me some fanarts!

    Yeah... tablet and Photoshop. I scanned the sketch and traced it digitally, and then colored it and used some shadow layers and stuff.
  2. I loves me some fanarts!

  3. I like the fan characters a lot!
  4. My Fan "art"!

    I love the Bobby! Nice style and colors!
  5. Pixi's Psyched Art

    So sweet!
  6. Dr. Loboto and Mr. Pokeylope fanart

    (I demand more!)
  7. I draw stuff (characters)

    You have an excellent style! I really like your color choices and your backgrounds!
  8. Psychonaut Smilies

    Excellent work!
  9. Fan Art!!!!

    Hahahaha Raz in a bikini is excellent! So coy... and I like all the Dart love you're bringing. I like the photo of the cutout... looks like a still from some short film or something.
  10. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Bluewolf yay! I've been watching you on DA for a while, it's cool to see some sketches that I haven't seen there before. I always love your Milla and Sasha!
  11. Psychonauts Sprites!

    They are tiny and adorable! Cool!
  12. eep...

    Aww... <3
  13. Fan Game

    The Milla sprite is so adorable! I love the pig protectors too!
  14. I loves me some fanarts!

    And I also loves me some Psychonauts. Hi, I'm new. I drew some things. Milla and Sasha Sketchy Sasha oekaki I hope you enjoy them!